Here Comes the Groom- Five Tips for Making Sure Your Man is Alter-Ready Image copyA bride will plan her wedding day for months, but chances are good her future husband has his mind more on the honeymoon than the impending nuptials. These five tips will help keep his eye on the ballgown instead of on the bedroom.

Discuss the Tux

A man’s tuxedo is his James Bond to a woman’s Cinderella. He may not be able to vocalize it, but chances are your Prince Charming has some rock solid ideas about his big day day attire just like you do. Go over the finer points of wedding day ambiance with him such as the shade of white, off white or ivory of your dress; vests or no vests; color of the tux itself; and the specifics of the tie. A more modern tux with some spandex blend fabrics might make him feel like a sex god on your wedding night (these make the crotch look good). Write down the decisions and make sure you both agree before you send him off to set the decisions in stone. He may not see the difference between coral and soft pink, but you will: every single time you look at your wedding photos.

A Great Big Hairy Mess

If your man is due for a haircut before your big day, be sure to schedule the appointment a few days before the event. If he accidentally gets a smiley face shaved into his sideburns, it will doubtlessly be at the very last minute.

The Dreaded Bachelor’s Party

It is a time honored tradition for a man’s closest friends to take him out the night before the most important day of his life and get him good and drunk. To make sure your future husband looks and feels his best, defy tradition and celebrate his awesome bachelor status a few days before your wedding day.

To Drink or Not To Drink

A wedding is the celebration of joining two people in the ultimate act of love. It is a cause for revelry, joy and lots of drinking. If your man tends to get carried away in the moment, discuss limits for the reception ahead of time. Your wedding night will be magical regardless of how many times you may have been around that block already, but only if you are both conscious.

Defeat Cold Feet

It is normal for men and women to second guess a trip down the aisle. The best way to calm game day anxieties is open and honest communication. If your husband-to-be approaches you with butterflies, don’t panic. The walk down the aisle is the only first step in a very long journey.

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