The custom of wearing an engagement ring to signify commitment to a particular relationship dates as far back as the height of Ancient Egypt. The tradition continued in both Ancient Greece and Rome, and later spread throughout Europe and America. In the mid-1800s, when African diamond mines began producing those precious gems on a regular basis, diamond engagement rings became a popular choice for those fortunate few who could afford them. However, it wasn’t until the 1930s that diamond engagement rings for women became common in the U.S.

For many years, engagement rings remained a tradition reserved almost exclusively for women, but that has changed over the past few years. In this day and age, many men and women feel that it’s just as appropriate and desirable for men to wear a symbol of commitment as it is for the bride-to-be. For that reason, men’s engagement rings have become increasingly popular.

Out of the large variety available, there are 5 styles that stand out as particular favorites across the globe:

Gold rings

Elegant, classic and timeless, it’s no wonder that this precious metal has remained a favorite for men’s engagement rings and wedding bands. Although yellow gold may come immediately to mind when one envisions a gold band, white gold is also a common choice. Rings made from this beautiful precious metal are actually most commonly an alloy of gold and other material. Although a gold engagement ring would certainly be covered by any soon-to-be groom, you should keep in mind that gold scratches relatively easily and may not be the best choice for men who work frequently with their hands.


Platinum rings

The rarest of all precious metals, platinum was once referred to as “the only metal fit for a king” by King Louis XV. While men’s engagement rings made of platinum are often significantly more expensive than bands made from other materials, this precious metal has definite advantages. For starters, it’s exceptionally strong. Any man with a platinum ring can feel confident that this is one piece of jewelry that will truly last a lifetime. In fact, it’s not uncommon for platinum jewelry to be handed down from generation to generation. Platinum is also hypoallergenic, which is an vital consideration for anyone with skin allergies.


Tungsten rings

Due in large part to their strength and affordability, newer contemporary metals have become more commonly used in jewelry for both men and women over the past several years. One of the most popular contemporary metals used for men’s engagement rings, tungsten is virtually scratch-resistant due to being one of the hardest manufactured materials in existence today. Although tungsten’s natural color is gunmetal grey, you’ll also find tungsten men’s engagement rings in black, gold tone and silvery white tones. One drawback of tungsten rings is that they are so hard that they cannot be resized. Fortunately, tungsten is so inexpensive that you should be able to easily replace an existing ring with a new one if your size changes.


Two-toned rings

Some of the most popular men’s engagement rings are two-toned rings, which also tend to be remarkably versatile. If your budget allows, silver and gold rings are a more traditional choice. However, you’ll also find two-toned rings made of more affordable,  contemporary materials, such as tungsten or titanium, in black and silver or black and gold color combinations.


Black rings

Undeniably sleek and modern in their appearance, black engagement rings are becoming a popular choice amongst men from all walks of life. These stylish bands are available in a variety of different contemporary materials, including stainless steel, tungsten, titanium and ceramic. Black rings are not only masculine looking, but quite sophisticated as well.


Given the long history of women’s engagement rings, it should be no surprise that men’s engagement rings are starting to match them in popularity. Many of today’s modern couples want to symbolize their commitment to each other and their future together, and there’s no more fitting way to do just that than with exquisite engagement rings for both the bride and groom.

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    I think I like all the men’s rings featured here, except the black rings. I also like the two-toned rings since the colors of the metals set off each other to produce spectacular rings. I also saw some womens engagement rings that have two tones that I like.

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