First of all I want to wish you all a “Happy 4th of July!” and I hope that you are all celebrating this wonderful holiday with close friends and family. I know I am. I was looking on the internet for cute 4th of July decorations and I found these inspiring ideas for a 4th of July themed wedding. I thought it would be nice to share them with you.

Ideas for 4th of July Themed Wedding

The dress.  In my opinion the wedding dress should be white no matter the theme of the wedding. But if you want your dress to match your 4th of July wedding theme there are two choices. You can choose to have some red and blue roses or little bows included in the design of the dress, or you can go extravagant and have a dress that is has a blue corset with white stars, and a red skirt with white stripes. Either way, you will make an impression.


4th-of-july-themed-wedding-dress (source: )

The bridesmaids dresses. I wouldn’t go too far when deciding the bridesmaids dresses as they shouldn’t draw to much attention on them. I would go with simple blue dresses and red shoes. You can complement this outfit with elegant white bouquets.


4th-of-july-themed-wedding-bridesmaids (source:

The bouquet. When talking about a white, blue and red bouquet roses are the most commonly used flowers. But you can also make a wonderful and unique 4th of July themed bouquet using paper flowers or even brooches.


4th-of-july-themed-wedding-bouquet (source:

The invitations. No matter if we are talking about fireworks, flowers, bows, stars, flags the design of the wedding invitations should include them in red, white and blue colors. But if you want to be a little more discreet, you can choose to have simple white wedding invitations that have a few golden fireworks designed on them.


4th-of-july-themed-wedding-invitations (source:

The cake. There are thousands of designs that a 4th of July themed wedding cake could have but my favorite involves fruits decorations. Have a simple multilayer white cake and decorate it with strawberries and grapes or blueberries. This way you will have a natural, red, blue and white design for your wedding cake. You could also use red ribbons and blue flowers to decorate the cake. Either way, it will have an elegant and fancy look.


4th-of-july-themed-wedding-cake (source:

The favors. As 4th of July is a happy holiday I would suggest opting for sweets or fruits as wedding favors. Have some star shaped homemade cookies wrapped in an elegant red wrapper and tied with a nice blue ribbon. Or buy some candies and personalize them with blue, red and white details.


4th-of-july-themed-wedding-favors (source:

The centerpieces. Regarding the 4th of July wedding centerpieces, this is a tough choice, as there are so many alternatives you could use. But my favorite ones involve flowers. Find some little cute buckets fill them with flowers. For red buckets use blue flowers and for blue buckets use red flowers. Also, use an elegant white ribbon to make a bow-tie around the bucket and you have your perfect 4yh of July themed wedding centerpieces.


4th-of-july-themed-wedding-centerpieces (source: )

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2 Responses to “4th of July Themed Wedding”
  1. Sue says:

    I love the wedding dress shown here, but can’t find anywhere. I am getting married on the 4th of July and the dress would be perfect. Can someone let me konw where to find it?????


    • admin says:

      First of all congratulation on your wedding. I believe that the easiest way to have such a wedding dress on your wedding day is to buy the fabric and have it made specially for you. This way you can even let your imagination go free and add or remove details. I am sure you would find a seamstress or an wedding shop that would make this dress for you.

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