So you are planning your wedding and you got to the moment you need to find some unique wedding gifts. Most probably you are completely out of ideas. In my research I came across these wonderful ideas of unique and personalized wedding presents and I thought you should see them. So here they are:

Letters Fridge Magnet

Fridge magnets may seem like a very common idea when it comes to wedding gifts, but what is unique about these fridge magnets is that they show letters. There are many ideas of how to get these fridge magnets personalized, but my favorite one is to have the first name of each of your wedding guest written with these unique fridge magnets. So each of your wedding guest will receive the letters of his name as wedding gift.

Personalized wedding gifts -fridge-magnets-letters

Personalized wedding gifts -fridge-magnets-letters (source:

Personalized cases for i Pad

Not all your wedding guest have i Pads, but for those who do, a personalized case for it would be a wonderful idea of unique wedding gift. Order some cases and get them personalized. Find pictures of you and your wedding guests, or with their families, or with something they love and have them imprinted on the cases.  Your guests will love it.

Personalized wedding gifts -custom-printed-ipad-case

Personalized wedding gifts-custom-printed-ipad-case (source:

Personalized wallpaper borders

Although wallpaper borders are used mostly for children’s rooms, there is no rule saying people shouldn’t have them in their living room or even in their bedroom. If you are out of ideas of you to make these wallpaper borders personalized you can always go with pictures printed on them.  You can go even further than that and have a special wish imprinted for each of your guests on the wallpaper borders.


Personalized-wedding-gifts-wallpaper-border (source:

Personalized pat mat

Almost all the people in this world love animals; some more than others. No matter if we are talking about cats, or dogs, or bunnies, or snakes, most of us like to have a pet around the house. For all those people a personalized pat mat is a perfect personalized wedding gift. You can try to get a picture of the actual pet your guests have and have it imprinted on the mat, or you can just choose a picture for them. Either way, this would be an unique idea of a wedding gift.

Personalized wedding gifts-printed-mat

Personalized wedding gifts-printed-mat (source:

Personalized photo puzzles

Everybody loves puzzles and is the best gift when you customise gift a free jigsaw puzzles. I don’t know if it’s about the thrill of solving it, or about the joy of seeing the final picture, but we all love puzzles. But if a puzzle is personalized and made only for us, we love it even more. So why not have a personalized photo puzzle made special for each of your wedding guest in order to show them how important and unique they are for you.

Personalized wedding gifts - photo-jigsaw-puzzle-wedding

Personalized wedding gifts – photo-jigsaw-puzzle-wedding (source:

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  1. Hanna says:

    personalized wedding wallpapers is a great idea! I do not know why I did not think about it before?

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