BouquetA DIY wedding can be just as beautiful and memorable as an expensive venue planned by a professional. If you’re looking for money-saving tips so that you’re not left with a large chunk of debt after you’re married, you’ll need to be resourceful and innovative. From throwing your wedding in your yard, to asking your best friend who’s also a DJ to entertain the crowd, there are plenty of ways to save money. One area of planning that you can certainly save money on is decorations. Here are 5 DIY wedding decoration ideas that will help you keep the cost of wedding down.

Get Creative with Your Bouquets

You never realize just how expensive fresh cut flowers are until you start searching for the perfect bouquets. There’s no rule that says that your bridesmaids must carry flowers. In fact, if you’re looking for a way to be thrifty and unique, why not get creative? Dried flowers, pinwheels, and even decorative garden pieces can all have a dramatic impact on a budget.

Centerpiece Contests

Why not let your friends and family get involved with the planning? Let everyone know what the theme of your wedding is, set a price limit, and have everyone design their own centerpieces that you can judge. Not only does this take the work out of designing your centerpieces, it’ll also give you a new perspective you may have never thought of otherwise.

Make the Most Out of Wood Palettes

You’ll need to hire painters in Salt Lake City to freshen up the outside area where the wedding is being held, but you don’t necessarily need to invest in a huge gazebo or ceremonial stage. If you’re going for a simple wedding, why not turn left over wooden palettes into a stage where you and your fiance can unite as one? With a little staining, some flowers, and other design elements, you can turn these palettes into a stage that you’ll keep forever.

Keeping the Costs of Bridesmaids Dresses Down

Wedding apparel can easily be classified as decorations. If you’re looking for a way to keep the cost of dressing your bridesmaids down, why not set very basic requirements and let your bridesmaids choose dresses that fit these requirements. To make the process fun, hold another contest. Inspire your girls to save money by asking them to bring in their receipts, and the person who found the best dress at the biggest bargain will get a prize.

A DIY Backdrop

Just because you don’t have a great view doesn’t mean creating a backdrop will break the bank. There are plenty of ways that you can build a DIY backdrop without spending a pretty penny. Find arches that are used for garden walkways, decorate this with streamers, or even buy synthetic ivy or vines that will make the archway look beautiful.

Planning your big day can be exciting, but when money is concerned it can also be very frustrating and stressful. By getting creative and getting the family involved, you can have a unique wedding that no one will forget.

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