Unique by definition, wedding photos are representative for each wedding. You will have them framed, or organized in albums so that they will always help you remember how special your wedding day was. Wedding photographs are the record of one of the most important day of your life, so you should do everything in your power to make sure they catch the perfection of the day and the happiness in your soul.

When it comes to planning your wedding and choosing the spot for your wedding photo shooting there are many things you have to consider: the wedding theme, your style, and the distance from your venue, etc. But there are some spots that are simply too wonderful for you not to choose them. Here are some ideas of unique spots for your wedding photo shooting.

Unique spots for wedding photo shooting

Greenhouse flower

Flowers have always been the symbol of love and happiness. Depending on the season you are having your wedding, there are different flowers that you will find in the greenhouse, but each of them is special in its way and each of them can make your wedding photo shooting amazing. If you want to include trees in your decor, you can always choose a greenhouse in a botanical garden. With the perfect light and the perfect choice of colors, your wedding photo shooting will be unique and breathtaking.


wedding-photo-shooting-greenhouse-flower (source: http://www.lidstudio.ro/)

Natural History Museum

It may sound a little fancy, but having a wedding photo shooting at a natural history museum can prove to be quite a great choice. You can get pictures with all the animals and plants, some of which you never heard of. This spot is not only unique but it is also inspiring. You might have a problem with getting authorization for something like that, but the effort is definitely worth.


wedding-photo-shooting-museum (source: http://www.nuntabucuresti.ro/)

On a train

Although it may seem that there is nothing romantic about trains, some may argue that train has always been one way to get to your loved ones. Trains are special in their own way: they do have a sleeping wagon and a restaurant wagon, so with a little bit of imagination you can transform a train in the most unique spot for a wedding photo shooting ever.


Under water

This is a little bit extreme but the idea sounds at least interesting. In order to get your wedding photo shooting underwater you will have to wait till after the wedding. You will have your trash the dress moment included in the photo shooting and you will definitely make the most of it. You may have a little problem if you or your partner don’t know how to swim. But if swimming is not a problem, go for it.


wedding-photo-shooting-under-water (source: http://english.peopledaily.com.cn/)

At a monastery

Monasteries are sacred places. Since your love for each other is sacred why not combine the two and have an amazing wedding photo shooting. Its walls could be a metaphor for all the problems you will have to solve on your marriage, but the church inside could mean your victory and your determination.  Monasteries are mystique but they are also elegant and this is why you should choose them for your wedding photo shooting.


wedding-photo-shooting-manastire (source: http://www.evz.ro/)

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