As planning your 2014 wedding is your main occupation, choosing some perfect and unique wedding invitations should be one of the first things you take care of. Going with custom wedding invitation seems to be the right thing to do. However, sometimes you have to do some research to see what is fashionable and choose trendy wedding invitations. If you want your wedding to underline the trends of 2014 weddings, your invitation should look like this:

Lace wedding invitation

Lace continues to be the head of the list in terms of trends for wedding invitations in 2014. No matter if you decide to opt for a simple touch of white lace on your unique wedding invitations, or if you decide to choose colorful lace, this is the best choice for an elegant, formal wedding. Besides lace, pearls and damask are other details that would make your wedding look more elegant, if added to your invitations.

If lace is a little too much for your taste, you can make your wedding invitations custom, by adding trimmed paper that follows lace pattern.

lace wedding invitations

Floral prints wedding invitations

Floral prints are a new trend in terms of wedding invitations. These floral prints can be in contrast with the shade chosen for your invitations, or they can complement the main colors of your 2014 wedding.

This new trend is easy to use, no matter the theme of your wedding, and they will lead to inexpensive wedding invitations. However, the tone they set is not a formal one. This means, that floral prints are perfect for a vintage or an informal wedding.

floral prints wedding invitations

Vintage wedding invitations

Romantism will never die when it comes to wedding themes, and vintage is the perfect style if you want your wedding to underline love. The main advantage of the vintage wedding invitations is that they can be combined with lace or with floral prints.

vintage wedding invitations

Shiny details wedding invitations

The shine and glow are more and more present in all the details related to weddings. 2014 is not an exception to this rule, and shine and glow are a “must” for any elegant wedding. To make your unique wedding invitation shine add some glitter or some gems.

shiny wedding invitations

Stripes and zig-zag pattern wedding invitations

Stripes and zig-zag pattern wedding invitations are perfect for informal weddings. Although not anybody can say that they like stripes, we have to admit that they are quite funny and charming. If you choose the right color combination for your stripe wedding invitation, you will make your wedding guests smile, and you can definitely say that your invitations were unique.

stripe wedding invitations

Sackcloth wedding invitation

If your wedding is a casual one, or a farm one, and you want to make a statement with your wedding invitations, choose some sackcloth as the main fabric for them. You can make your own wedding invitation, and you can personalize them, depending you your wedding theme.

sackcloth wedding invitations

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