The idea of shopping online for your engagement ring may not have even crossed your mind or perhaps, would. When the time comes, it is sometimes assumed that going to your local jeweler is the only option you have to find the perfect ring. Buying engagement rings over the internet may seem like a big risk, however, it has some great benefits that are not offered in a regular retail store or jeweler.



Purchasing an engagement ring online can do the following:

Save you valuable time

Nowadays, everyone looks for the most efficient and fastest way of doing just about anything. Although choosing an engagement ring should never be a rushed matter, sometimes it is more convenient to buy an item online. It also makes it easier to hide the surprise from your partner!

Offer you great deals and price cuts

Many e-commerce jewelry companies offer great deals on their products and even provide extra benefits to their customers. For example, some give a warranty for their products, don’t charge sales tax, and even give free shipping when a specific amount is spent.

Provide you with a variety of options

Search through a variety of styles in the convenience of your own home. Comparing the prices of different companies is a smart way to decide if the deal you are getting is the best. Some online companies are now giving you the option to design your own engagement rings. You will not find this kind of service in your local store.

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Even though there are some great advantages in buying an engagement ring online, there is one major reason people don’t like the idea and that is uncertainty. Not being able to see the real ring in person can be a huge stumbling block. After all, how can you tell that what you are getting will look exactly the same size as it does in person? Companies have pictures of models wearing the ring so customers can get a clear view of what the size ratio is. Keep in mind that you can always call their customer service if you need any clarifications.

Purchasing a ring online is a nerve-racking and exciting experience. I have come up with some useful tips that will be extremely helpful when purchasing an engagement ring online.  This advice can even be used for those of you would rather buy a ring in person.



Tips for buying an engagement ring online:

  • When you are purchasing items online you want to buy from companies that use the latest up-to-date security technology that ensures protection of personal information and orders. This will make you feel that you can trust the company when buying the item from them.
  • Always read the reviews of the company before deciding to do business with them. If you know anyone who has bought engagement rings online before or fine jewelry, ask them for their suggestions and recommendations.
  • Compare prices of rings to other online companies or local jeweler’s prices so you know you are getting a great deal.
  • Before you start any engagement ring shopping you should do some research. Learning the types of ring styles, cuts, clarity, colors, and stones is extremely helpful when searching for a ring.
  • The most important tip of them all is to know the ring size of her­­ finger. You can do this by discreetly taking one of her rings and bringing it to a jeweler to have them measure it for you or ask a friend or family member that would know.

About the Author: Michaela Sullivan is an engagement ring specialist at Allurez Jewelers. Allurez provides customers with the finest choice of engagement rings, wedding bands, bridal jewelry, fine fashion jewelry, and certified loose diamonds.

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