Fall comes with such an abundance of beautiful colors that it would be a waste not to use them in your wedding decor. As you cannot miss the worm tones of the passionate colors that fall can offer, you should let your decorator self be guided by the shades of this wonderful season. Make the most of gold, green, purple, yellow, orange, pink, red and all the other color to create a unique and elegant wedding decor. Also, don not forget to use fruits as elements of your decor.


If you have chosen to wear an ivory bridal gown, lime and orange are the colors that will complement it and make you shine on the most important day of your life. Consider orange for table centerpieces and your bridal bouquet, and lime for your bridesmaids dresses and other elements of your decor (ribbons, favors, cake, etc.)

fall wedding colors - lime, orange, ivory

Purple – pink- green

Dare to break the monotony of your wedding decoration with two strong colors: green and purple. You can temper them with champagne pink, a diluted and extremely elegant shade. To highlight green and purple use fresh fruits and amazing flowers. Opt for champagne pink for your wedding cake and favors, and add purple to your table centerpieces.

fall wedding colors - pink, purple, green

Orange – red – green

It is impossible to imagine the fall without a carpet of colorful leaves in tones of orange, read and khaki green. You can recreate these landscapes at your wedding by using orange flowers for your bouquet, and floral arrangements and red and green fresh fruits for table centerpieces and favors. Do not avoid any color that will give a cheerful note to your table arrangements, such as purple or lilac. For your tables, you can choose orange or white tablecloths and red or orange napkins.

fall wedding colors - green, orange, red

Yellow-pink – grey

If you have planned an elegant and sumptuous wedding, you have to choose worm colors. One of your choices brings yellow, grey and pink together to create a decor that will compliment the bride and groom’s attire. Use yellow for your floral arrangements, grey for your tables, and use pink for all the other details.

fall wedding colors - pink, yellow, grey

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