So you’ve been asked to take care of wedding catering for a themed wedding, what now? Whether you’re a corporate event catering professional or a friend, being asked to help make the special day special, is an honor to embrace, not a hassle to avoid! That being said I like to share with you a few simple ways that will help make your catered themed wedding a stress free success.

Understand Your Role

Any good actor can tell you that the first thing you have to do in order to be successful in the acting business is to know the ins and outs of your character. Like acting, the same goes for catering a themed wedding. The better you understand the theme and the roll you play in it, the better you’ll be able to perform your duties not only flawlessly, but also in theme.

Ask Good Questions

Ask about the theme and make sure you have a solid understanding of the expectations people have for you. Is the theme something they want incorporated into the food or in the atmosphere and dress as well? Will you have to be “in character” or is this a non-role play theme? Asking questions and getting answers is the best way to prepare for and reduce the stress of a themed wedding.

Research Your Ideas

Once you know the theme spend a little time researching the topic. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can formulate a great approach to the theme after gleaning inspiration from the internet or magazines. Also be sure to ask your friends and family members about what sorts of things the theme brings to mind.

If it’s a role play theme (think a Disney Princess wedding) it’ll be easier to research, but if it’s something more general like a beach theme then asking around will give you some good ideas you otherwise wouldn’t come up with on your own.

Make a List of Appropriate Props and Decor

After you’ve thoroughly researched ideas for the theme make a list of all the things you need to find in order to make it happen. This list should include any props, costumes, dress, decor, centerpieces, wall hangings, food, or other items needed to carry out the themed catering. Finding food that coincides with the theme could be a difficult depending on the subject matter. This is the best opportunity to think outside the box.

Communicate with the Bride and Groom

There is nothing worse when catering a wedding than finding out something you spent hours on just won’t work the day of the wedding. Planners are typically picky so this is the best time to make sure your ideas jive with the rest of the wedding. Be sure to use your customer service skills. Listen closely and be flexible, no one likes to deal with someone who is bossy or wants it their way when it’s not their day!

Prepare Everything for the Theme

Assuming you did the first five steps right, preparing the theme will be a whole lot easier. Find everything on your list and get it all in one place. I’d suggest starting with banquet catering or party stores in your local area before turning to the internet for help. If you live in a smaller town you may have no choice but to order things off the internet.

If you’re on a budget I’d suggest going down the list and numbering things one, two, and three. One being items of the highest priority and three being items of the lowest priority. This way if you run out of funds before getting the last few items you’ll still have all the essential items needed to pull off the wedding. It’ll also help give you a better idea of things you may be able to go without if they are too difficult to find.

Time is of the essence! If you give yourself enough time to prepare, your catered wedding will be a success. But if you happen to discover during step six that you forgot something in step three you’ll still have enough time to fix the problem before it affects the outcome of the wedding.

Enjoy Success!

If you follow this list everything should go off without a hitch! Trust me, I’ve been in your shoes a few times before so I know what it’s like, it seems daunting, but I hope this short list of ideas for catering a themed wedding help to reduce your level of stress and better prepare you for the event. If you’ve done your homework ahead of time you shouldn’t have any problems.

And remember, a themed wedding should be fun, so it’s okay for you to have some of your own too!

Trisha Jefford is a self-proclaimed foodie and wine enthusiast who loves to scour the net for new ideas and trends in food creation and presentation. She currently writes and blogs for the website EZ Cater.

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