Choosing the perfect engagement ring for your girlfriend can feel like a daunting task, but if you know a few simple things to look for, the job will be easier. The following hints will greatly help.

Her Style

Before you can even begin shopping; think about your girlfriend’s taste. Is she sophisticated, glamorous, or fun loving? Look at the jewellery she already has. Is it petite or large and flashy? Describe these things to the jeweller, and they will be able to point you in the right direction. Go to a reputable jewellery store that has been in business for some length of time. Don’t be afraid to ask around for recommendations. You may also consider these beautiful custom halo rings, which you can get from expert and trustworthy jewelers.

engagement ring style

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The Jeweller

It is important that you choose an established and respected jeweller to ensure that you are getting quality and value for money. Ask your friends and family for advice to help you choose someone you can trust.Weldon’s of Dublin is a good example of a well-established and respected jeweller.

The Band

The band is the actual ring itself. You’ll have to choose between thin or wide. Again, this should reflect your fiancée’s style. Rings traditionally come in a yellow gold, but today’s fashions are using more of the silver look found in white gold and platinum. Silver tones will make the diamond appear larger, while yellow gold will set the gem off by framing it.

engagement ring and wedding band

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The Setting

The setting is the part of the ring that actually holds the gem stone in place. There are several to consider.
• Prong – Four to Six posts holding the stone.
• Bezel – Metal totally encircles each gemstone. Less stone shows, but it is a very solid setting.
• Channel – A series of stones are held on two sides by the metal.
• Invisible – This is used with a princess cut stone, and it is attached from underneath.
• Pave – Several smaller stones are clustered together, held by small holes drilled into the ring.

engagement ring setting

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Everyone immediately thinks of diamonds for engagement rings. Although this is the most common, you do have other options. Sapphires, Rubies, Emerald, or any favorite gemstone of your girlfriend will be wonderful. If cost is a factor, you can get a very elegant look, at a lower cost, with gemstones other than diamonds. They can also be inter-mixed.


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The Four C’s

When you do decide to use a diamond, you will hear the four C’s mentioned. These are the four main features that rate a diamond for cost and perfection.
• Carat – The carat refers to a metric measurement of the size. The diamonds will start around ¼ carat and go on up through one, two or higher carats. The larger the carat is then the more expensive the diamond. You can get a larger look from a smaller diamond with the different shapes available.
• Color – The less color in a diamond, the more costly it will be. Color is rated from a D, meaning completely colorless, to a Z with a definite yellowish brown cast to it. Be aware that the shading between many ratings cannot be detected with the naked eye. Don’t spend money you don’t have for a feature you can’t notice.
• Clarity – Diamonds are created deep in the Earth from pressure and heat. This can cause obvious flaws in many of them. This matters most in a larger stone. Tiny diamond chips won’t show flaws as easily. An FL rating means the stone is absolutely flawless. This is rare. An I3 will have quite noticeable flaws. You will be looking for something in the middle of these two ratings.
• Cut – The cut of a diamond refers to the overall symmetry, polish, and reflection of the stone. One can get very scientific when discussing this. To break it down into simple terms, you want to look for how much sparkle and light reflection comes off of the diamond.


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