Choosing the music and entertainment for your big day can be a real challenge. The music often sets the tone and atmosphere and can have a big impact on how your guests feel and their level of enjoyment. The biggest difficulty is coming up with a style and genre of music that all your guests will enjoy. Often weddings are full of a wide mix of people from a wide age range, so choosing something that everyone will love can be tricky. Of course it is also important to choose something you enjoy and reflects upon yourselves as a couple. Here is a look at the different genres of music to help you choose the right one for your wedding-


Acoustic music for your wedding is an unusual choice but one that is fairly flexible. Choosing an acoustic guitar for your reception during the day is great for creating peaceful and romantic background music and can be stepped up a notch for the evening. If you choose an acoustic solo artist this can become quite repetitive, consider an acoustic band that do covers and upbeat numbers for your evening event.

Jazz/Swing Band

Choosing a jazz swing band for your wedding is a great safe option. Jazz bands can be very versatile providing music that everyone can enjoy. Create a mellow and relaxed atmosphere for the day time and move into more upbeat swing songs for the evening. You will find that nearly all of your guests will enjoy jazz music as it can be a real mix of covers of well known songs, unique classy jazz pieces and fun up-tempo swing songs.  There are many different genres with in jazz music which makes it all the more versatile, have a listen of a few to decide which is perfect for your big day.


A DJ is amongst the most popular choice for entertainment at weddings. Choosing a DJ means you have the luxury of being able to play any music you like from any era but you do loose the romantic side of having live music produced right in front of you especially for your event. The beauty of having a DJ is that you can encourage your guests to make song requests, or even ask them to write a song each down on a piece of paper when they come into your reception to be put into a box and played later by the DJ. A DJ is a great way of making sure everyone is happy and everyone has a say in what is played, making your wedding tailor made to yours and your guests tastes.


A Harpist is a very elegant option for your wedding. Typically a harpist would only work for the day time and early evening. Guests usually expect slightly more up tempo music for the evening so a harpist may not be able to carry you through to the evening too. The harp is a truly beautiful option, but typically only works during the day, as background music to your wedding breakfast or drinks reception.

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