wedding clothes for important guestsIt goes without saying that the wedding dress is the most talked-about outfit at a wedding. Once a bride-to-be has found the perfect wedding dress it feels like a huge weight off her shoulders. But then there is the equally important task of dressing the rest of the bridal party. Even if you’re planning a wedding on a budget and asking the bridal party to purchase their own outfits, they’ll still need some guidance on what they should be wearing! And don’t forget the groom, it’s his big day too! Here are a few tips to help you make sure everyone is well-dressed and happy.

The groom 

Although renting a wedding tuxedo may seem like the cheaper option since it will only be worn for one day, buying is highly recommended. Rented tuxedos tend not to fit very well since they haven’t been tailored to you; they often end up looking loose and baggy and the groom may not feel confident on his wedding day in a suit that several other men have worn on their wedding days! Make sure a portion of the budget is allocated to a well-tailored suit. Try to think about long-term wear as well as looking good on your wedding day. Blacks and dark greys, in a heavy wool-based fabric will make for a sharper, more timeless suit that can be worn for smart events and important business meetings in the future.

Best man and groomsmen

It’s important that the groom is dressed slightly differently from his best man and groomsmen, after all it’s his special day so he wants to stand out! The best man and groomsmen should try to reflect the style of suit that the groom has chosen. For example if the groom has gone for charcoal grey, the groomsmen could go for a paler grey. If the best man opts for the same color and style of suit as the groom then distinctions can be made with different colored ties or different lapels. Subtle differences may not be picked up on by the guests but they’ll show up in the wedding photos.

Mother of the bride/groom 

Traditionally the mother of the bride will avoid dressing in cream, white, ivory, i.e. colors that are similar to the bridal gown, and black is usually a no-no as it can be associated with mourning. Harsh, vibrant colors like reds are usually avoided. It’s always best to liaise with the bride and find out what colors and styles she would like her mother to wear on her big day. If you’ve had no guidance though it’s best to stick to subdued yet classy colors such as lavender, silver and blue. Once the mother of the bride has chosen her outfit it’s customary for her to liaise with the mother of the groom to ensure that their styles and color choices don’t clash but complement each other.

Bridesmaids and maid of honor

These are usually your best friends and sisters/cousins and they’ll be very proud to be your bridesmaids so it’s important to get their outfits right. It can be tempting to dress them in a way that makes the bride stand out and look more stunning when pictured next to them. However, your bridesmaids won’t be impressed if you ask them to wear outfits that make them look frumpy or fat as they won’t feel comfortable posing for photos. It can also put a strain on your relationship with your bridesmaids and affect your friendship, which is not a stress that you need on your wedding day! If you’re on a budget, you can look into consignment shops like CSD to get second-hand luxury dresses that will look good! Your wedding photos will turn out a lot nicer if your bridesmaids are happy and confident in their outfits, and your wedding day should be a little less stressful!

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