With a number of hardy, pretty flowers available in the winter, it’s little surprise that winter weddings are popular. Here are some beautiful blooms.

Of all the young and not-so-young lovebirds who are getting married, it’s fair to say that most choose the warmth, light and slightly more predictable weather of summer. But, many are finding that a truly special, individual wedding day, can be found in the middle of the winter.

What could be more snug? There’s nothing finer after all than settling inside from the cold, dark and wet conditions in a homely venue with all your best friends and family. Plus, as wedding costs continue to skyrocket, many parsimonious couples are finding that venues offer much competitive rates in winter.

Another great reason that people choose a winter wedding is because of the wide array of beautiful flowers that bloom in the colder months. And the array of colors reaches far more than the stereotypical palette of reds and blues. Here are some of our favorites – which suits you best?

Iris Unguicularis

It’s a tough flower that blooms in the deepest darkest winter, when other plants are nowhere to be seen, but its delicate soft purple color and impressive size suggest  that it would actually be more at home in the summer. That’s why it’s such a popular flower for winter weddings, as it creates a light and airy atmosphere while outside it’s anything but.

iris as winter wedding flowers

iris as winter wedding flowers (source: http://www.alflorist.com.au/)

Daphne Bholua

Also known as its common name, Jacqueline Postill originated in the Eastern Himalayas – so it’s well versed in blooming in tough temperatures. Offering a small pink flower that appears all over evergreen leaves is a terrific centerpiece for a display. It can also work very nicely as a garden flower for those all-important wedding photographs, and you can get them easily and promptly at the sophycrownflowers.ie website.

daphne as winter wedding flowers

daphne as winter wedding flowers (http://www.bridalquinceguide.com/)


Although Begonia blooms all year round, it’s still very popular for a number of winter weddings, as happy couples across the country love their variety of creamy colors: from red and white to pink and yellow. As they tend to bloom in different colors though, ensure they’re fitting into a specific color scheme.

begonia as wedding flowers

begonia as wedding flowers (source: http://flowers.about.com)


Of course, any winter wedding that doesn’t feature the most famous of midwinter flowers would be somewhat lacking in romance and character without the notable look of mistletoe. The best thing about mistletoe is that a little goes a long way – you only need to hang a small sprig over different areas to give a wedding day a particular scent of romance.

mistletoe wedding flowers

mistletoe wedding flowers (source: http://fioribylynne-weddingflowers.blogspot.ro/ )

Winter Aconite

If you subscribe to the ‘less is more’ theory of wedding flowers, then the beautiful yellow tone of winter aconites are a great option for decorating tables or even adding a bright shot of color to a bouquet.

aconite as winter wedding flowers

aconite as winter wedding flowers (source: http://www.edp24.co.uk/)


Alongside mistletoe, snowdrops are perhaps the quintessential winter flower – and yet many brides don’t consider them as part of a wedding flower scheme, which is a real shame. . Although they’re small they give a sense of direction to bouquets, while their versatile while tone means that they can work with a number of different flowers.

snowdrops as wedding flowers

snowdrops as wedding flowers (source: http://www.countrybouquet.co.uk/ )

If you’re looking for the perfect wedding flower bouquets for a winter wedding, talk to The Real Flower Company today, who can help you to create beautiful flower arrangements to give you a wedding day that’s perfectly in touch with the festive season.

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