Getting married is one of if not the biggest event in our lives apart from having children. It is supposed to be the happy couple memorable day which they will cherish and look back in with fondness for the years to come. Some couples spend so much time making sure that everyone else is ok and enjoying themselves, that they forget that this is their special day. If you are looking at getting married in the near future just remember that although it is nice to have all of your friends and family at the occasion, plan the occasion for what you and your partner want and not what other people think you should do.

Getting Married in the UK


There is a great deal of planning which goes into organizing a modern wedding which a lot of people, especially the men, may not realize.

  • Ceremony Location – Church or Registry Office etc.
  •     Flowers
  •     Catering
  •     Clothes
  •     Cake
  •     Transport
  •     Invitations
  •     Wedding List – for present
  •     Accommodation

The list does go on and there are various other things that you will need to plan and worry about as well. Being organized and planning well ahead is a good way to keep in top of this and also gives you plenty of time to arrange a date when everything is available. You may wish to have a spring or a summer wedding but you do need to prepare for the eventuality that you may get bad weather so the opportunity to take the photos outside may be limited. Unfortunately the weather is not something that you can order!

wedding in the UK

Wedding presents. It used to be a case of a couple did not live together before they got married. So from this the tradition to give the happy couple things they will need in their new home arose. A lot of couples live together before getting married these days so it is not always as easy to get a gift for them as they already have everything for their home. One way to counter this is to have a wedding list. Usually this will be from a department store and you can choose a list of products that you would like if someone wishes to buy them for you. All the gift giver needs to do is go to the department store and give the wedding details, they will then be able to show you the list and you can pick something from it that you would like to give to them. They can even wrap it up for you. Remember to keep the boxes the presents came in especially if the item is valuable. If you decide to move these may come n handy. It is east to buy removal boxes in the UK but the items would be a lot safer and secure being transported in their original packaging.

wedding in the UK

Relax and enjoy yourself. There is only so much planning that you can do to try and cover all eventualities. There comes a point when you just need to accept that whatever happens there is not a lot you can do about it. Wedding cars breakdown, guests get lost, arguments happen and the weather can be atrocious. Some of these things are totally out of your control and you just need to accept things as they happen and try not to let them get to you and make you upset. Most girls have an idea in their head from a very early age as to the fairy tale wedding that they wish to have. These are not always practical though so you need to be aware that spending too much for your wedding just to have that little added luxury maybe something which you regret when you look at the total spent overall. But forget about all that, it’s your special day and you are declaring your love to your betrothed and it will be a happy and memorable day no matter what happens. Embrace the moment and make the most of this special day. Enjoy the food and the drink and also the location, but just remember you can take all of that away and it is the people that make a moment special and last forever in your memory and not the wine, flowers or the food!

Author’s bio: This article was written by Nicholas Holmes on behalf of Removal Boxes. Removal Boxes is a market leader in supplying removal boxes UK. Nicholas is a keen blogger on travel and everyday living and loves to share experiences to give insight to others and help them with their travel and move.

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