The idea of engagement rings for men may sound strange, but it’s a concept that has been floating around for some time now. While “mangagement” rings are certainly still not the norm in the United States, they are starting to pop up more and more in one variation or another. Some people are under the mistaken impression that if you give your guy an engagement ring, that you’re the one doing the proposing, but that could not be further from the truth.

Consider the international precedent. In a number of countries across the globe, grooms typically wear engagement rings prior to getting married. In some cases, a ring is simply moved from the right hand to the left hand at the time of marriage, while in other areas of the world, a man will wear a less expensive silver ring and swap it out for a higher end gold ring during the wedding ceremony.

Giving your man an engagement ring – whether it’s a placeholder or what will ultimately be his wedding band – is a great romantic gesture and a way to make him feel more involved in the wedding planning process. Here are three types of rings to consider using as engagement rings for men:

Diamond rings

Diamond rings are usually the first style that comes to mind when one thinks of engagement rings. Diamond rings are becoming an increasingly popular choice for men in general, as many guys like the more upscale and sophisticated look that they offer. Your groom’s diamond engagement ring does not have to match yours exactly – in reality, most men’s diamond rings have a thoroughly different look than women’s diamond engagement rings and wedding bands. For something a little different and extremely masculine, you can even get him a diamond engagement ring with black stones.


Rings made from contemporary metals

If you’re planning on swapping out his engagement ring for a more expensive band at the time of your ceremony (or even if you’re not), rings made from contemporary materials are a great and affordable choice. Contemporary materials include tungsten, titanium, cobalt chrome and ceramic, and each offers it own unique look and set of benefits (though most rings made from these materials are relatively inexpensive and hardier than traditional precious metals).


Promise rings

Promise rings have long served as great engagement or pre-engagement rings. Many couples who have discussed a serious future together have exchanged promise rings without necessarily setting a date. Popular promise ring designs include Claddagh rings, a form of Celtic ring with a familiar motif of two hands clasping a crowned heart, and eternity style cross rings, often favored by those who are religiously observant.


So is your guy ready for an engagement ring? If he can’t wait until the wedding to wear his ring, it’s probably a good sign that he would love to have his ring in advance, perhaps to wear on his right hand. Conversely, if he is feeling somewhat left out of the festivities, presenting him with a ring that shows how important he is to you would be a great way to make him feel more included.

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