Is The Big Expensive Wedding Really Worth All The MoneyYou have probably seen the lavish weddings that celebrities and other wealthy folks throw for themselves. While it is understandable that you would want that type of a wedding for yourself, is it really worth it? Do you need a lot of frills and extras to make your wedding day a day that you will never forget?

Think About What You Will Need To Pay For

Who is going to pay for everything that you want or need for your wedding? Booking a church, buying a cake and printing wedding invitations can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars all by themselves. If you have a wedding photographer and a DJ, you are going to have to budget for those services as well. If you are a paying for the wedding yourself, you may want to stick to the basics to save yourself from going too far into debt.

How Far Do Your Guests Need To Travel?

Your guests may not be too keen about having to travel across the country or across the ocean to get to your wedding. You have to keep in mind that wedding guests are already going to pay $100 or more for a wedding gift and then another $100 or more on tuxedo or dress for your wedding. Asking them to spend $1,000 on a plane ticket and hotel may be more than you reasonably expect from most people.

How Will You Pay For The Wedding?

Do you expect to use a credit card to pay for your wedding? If so, you should visit to learn just how long it can take to repair your credit after defaulting on a credit card. Anyone who cannot afford to repay the expenses in less than a year should consider cutting back on their expenses.

The Day Should Be About You And Not The Dress

In a year from now, no one is going to remember the dress you wore or the church you had the wedding at. All people are going to remember is the reception and the fact that they saw their friend, cousin or colleague get married. Eventually, this is all you are going to remember as well.

There is no need to pay for things that you cannot afford to pay for in a reasonable amount of time. Unless you have outside financing, it may be easier to have a simple wedding in front of your friends at a local church. No one is going to think any less of you for doing so.

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  1. Megan Everett says:

    Great article! Be sure to keep flowers in your budget! Flowers can get really expensive, so you don’t want them to sneak up and getcha once you go to order them. Be smart! You’ll do fine!

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