Planning a wedding can be one of the most exciting times in a young couple’s relationship. However, for some couples, it can also be one of the stressful times. The options for wedding venues can be overwhelming, as can the cost of some of the fully established wedding venues. Because of these high costs, many couples find themselves opting for wedding locations that are not their “ideal,” simply because of the difference in affordability, marquee hire Melbourne is becoming more and more popular and could be a good option for you.

Luxury, personalized weddings can be difficult to organize and manage, but the Party Professionals website can help you iron out the details and present an alternative and more personal way to host a wedding ceremony and reception. Since each marquee option is dependent upon the features selected by each couple, the cost renting of a luxury wedding marquee can vary greatly.

Of course, the portability of such marquees is what makes them ideal for brides who wish to have weddings in non-official wedding locations, such as local parks or family properties. In fact, many local parks (or sections thereof) can be rented out by parties for relatively reasonably low prices. Be sure to contact the relevant authorities well in advance of your desired date in order to secure the spot for your marquee. If the location rents by the hour, be sure to also factor in the marquee set-up and tear-down times needed as well.

Choosing to rent a wedding marquee allows couples not only the flexibility of location but also flexibility in choosing the details of the marquee. Specifically, a typical luxury wedding marquee package should allow couples to select a custom carpet (if they so desire). Another wedding marquee options should include considerations into what kind of chandeliers and valances should be rented; it is recommendable to discuss your desired wedding theme with a marquee rental agency first, in order to best determine what options they offer that will be fit your theme. Choosing to rent items from other companies (besides the marquee rental agency) is also often a feasible option as well. This same theme-focused approach can also be applied to other items in the wedding marquee personalization process, such as selecting the previously mentioned carpet. Some wedding marquee agencies even offer the rental of luxury toilets, an option that will definitely get your wedding guests talking!

Another item to consider when choosing a luxury wedding marquee is certainly whether or not you wish to rent a dance floor for the occasion. While they certainly take up a good deal of space, dance floors are also a great way to encourage everyone in your wedding party and wedding guests to loosen up and “get down” when your DJ plays the music. Dancing on plain grass/dirt simply doesn’t have the same appeal, especially when your guests are in formal wedding attire and wish to break out some stellar break dancing moves. Of course, the size of your dance floor–and in some cases the material of it–should be able to be personalized to best fit the needs of your individual wedding.

Overall, the best benefit of choosing to rent a wedding marquee is definitely the flexibility of options that such a choice inherently opens up. Wedding marquees are entirely up to you. Everything from the color of the outside of the tent, to the location of that tent, to the carpet used inside of it can be individually selected to best help you create your dream wedding. Most regions have at least a few companies that offer luxury marquee rental packages (typically complete with set-up and tear-down charges); contact those in your wedding area to get estimation for how much your dream wedding may cost. You might be surprised—the price may be much lower than you would expect!

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