As 2012 will soon be making its way out, it is a great time to reflect on the year’s best wedding themes and the trends that we have seen. As wedding styles change each year, we see styles come and go, while some classic touches always seem to stay the same.

Since the downturn of the economy, brides and grooms have been taking a more do-it-yourself approach to wedding themes and design. Wedding themes have gone from the over-the-top extravagant to a simpler and elegant feel. Even though these themes have come into play, the weddings still look beautiful and present a touch of class that rivals last year.

Color Was Key

This year has been all about bright and bold colors. Blues have made an extreme comeback and we are not talking about the powder blue of the 70s. These blues are bold and vibrant. They range from royal blues to lilacs and every color in between. These rich and beautiful colors provided a gorgeous backdrop for the bride’s white to ivory gown.

The Vintage Bride

Brides this year have opted for simpler gowns with antique looks. Kate Middleton influenced many of the gowns this year with her lace sleeves and neckline. Brides have been choosing gowns that reflect this style. Long and elegant gowns have be the center of popularity, while the non-traditional gown choices of previous years have seemed to fade into the background.

Along with different dress choices, brides have chosen simpler hairstyles. The messy updo and side hairstyle have reigned this year, providing a softer and sexier look. These new hairstyles may even carry on into the new year as they grow in popularity.


The traditional tuxedo has not been as popular this year, as men have opted for the classier suit. Grooms have gone from the classic black to embracing other colors. Some men opted for the tie look, while others have gone without it completely. The groom’s look has always been more simple than the bride to allow her to shine through on that special day.

Wedding Themes

This year has seen a lot of vintage weddings taking place. Brides and grooms alike have enjoyed going back to yesteryear and dressing the part of the golden couple. Vintage designs are timeless and offer a soft and romantic feel to the wedding. These themes have allowed couples to have the wedding they always wanted and have it fit well into their budgets.

Another theme this year, has been rustic weddings. The country theme has rocked the wedding world and even celebrities have had their weddings done in this great style. With a country theme, we have seen brides going barefoot with simple and elegant gowns. Grooms often wore hats and even suspenders with their groomsmen.

It has been a beautiful year for weddings as we have experienced so many different looks and tastes shining through. Next year promises to bring more of the same, but things are sure to change, as they always do each year. It will be interesting to see what 2013 brings.

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