Your wedding will no doubt be a day that you want to remember and hold close to your heart for many years to come, and rightly so. It’s a one-off event for you, your family and friends to come together and really enjoy; as a result, you will want to ensure that every little detail meets your ideal vision of the perfect wedding.

However, the planning stages can prove to be more demanding than many couples assume with so much to organise and so many people to please. Preparation is the key to planning a truly enjoyable wedding day and with this in mind let’s takes a closer look at what the benefits are for choosing a hotel to get married in over alternative options.

Your guests can stay in the same premises

Whilst there will be a number of other factors to consider when planning your wedding, choosing a hotel will allow your guests to stay in one place for the whole day, or longer if they’re traveling from further afield. This means that they can relax and enjoy a drink without having to worry about setting off to a second location later on in the day for the reception. As long as you can secure a hotel which will cater for your party during the day, which also has sufficient space for your guests, then everyone can really enjoy the occasion. Bear in mind that you are likely to need to book well in advance when looking for a hotel for your wedding to avoid disappointment.

A stress free arrangement

Getting married in a hotel and also staying there means that you won’t have the added stress of trying to find a suitable place for you and your close family to stay. Once it’s booked, you can focus on other fundamentals for your wedding day such as photography, food, flowers and travel arrangements. If you can save yourself time and still get the ideal location for your special day,then this can eliminate much of the stress and hassle associated with organizing such a major event.

wedding at a hotel

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Breakfast in the morning

If it can be arranged, you might be able to sort out breakfast for your guests for the day after your wedding too. This again makes things a lot easier for your party if they have decided to stay for the night, as it saves you making alternative plans and your eating requirements can be left in the hands of the hotel caterers. If everything is planned in advance then your guests can also enjoy their time as much as you.

Easy to make any relevant changes

If a hotel is to be the setting for your wedding and reception, with food and accommodation provided for the night, then you can easily notify the hotel of any changes should they be required. This saves you having to contact your wedding venue first and then the caterers or hotel separately. Hopefully you won’t need to change anything, but if you do, then one quick call to the hotel will help to fix the issue and keep everyone happy.

wedding at a hotel

wedding at a hotel (source:

Again, with fewer elements to go wrong, you can hopefully reduce some of the stress associated with planning such an important event. A wedding day should be enjoyable for everybody and a time to really celebrate; you shouldn’t just be relieved that there were no disasters or last minute cancellations. While you can never rule out mishaps entirely, by grouping everything together in one convenient location and having a single point of contact at every stage, you can certainly reduce risks.

When it comes to booking a suitable location for your wedding, think about choosing a hotel for the benefits explained above.

This guest post was written by the Star Alfriston, a historic hotel and restaurant in Alfriston, East Sussex.

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