Diamonds may be cut in a wide variety of shapes that suit different applications. Skilled cutters design these precious metals into different sizes and shapes after receiving them in their rawest forms.

Although people generally assume only the size of a diamond determines its price, this is a misconception. There are other important considerations, but that is another topic. This article deals specifically with  The Most Popular Shapes of Diamond rings which are among the considerations.

Round Brilliant Diamond

Cutters produce perfectly round diamonds by cutting and dividing 58 facets among the pavilion, girdle and crown; which refer to the diamond’s base, widest part and top respectively. This design produces overall perfection and maximum fire.

This is the most popular shape for diamond engagement rings, accounting for over 80 percent of all sales.


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Princess-Cut Diamond

The seductive shapes of these diamonds have made them gain rapid popularity in the recent past. They may be cut in either square or rectangular shapes to suit different tastes. Each corner must have 90 degrees on its internal angle.

engagement ringsMarquise Diamond

This diamond has the appearance of a rugby ball. The cutters must work with great precision to produce a brilliant sparkle; otherwise the rings will end up with some dark portions. Smaller diamonds can be arranged beautifully around this diamond.


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Heart-Shaped Diamond

The heart shape is commonly associated with such romance and love filled occasions as wedding anniversaries and Valentines. Creating each heart-shaped diamond requires great dedication on the part of the cutter, who must produce an even shape and strong outline.


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Oval Diamond

Oval diamonds evoke an elegant aesthetic appeal. They must have the perfect symmetry and balance that fit ladies with small hands, as they make the fingers appear longer. In addition, these gems have a special sparkle since they reflect light with even the slightest movement of the hand.


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Pear-Shaped Diamond

These diamonds resemble rain or tear drops. They look modern, entertaining and fit in well with necklaces and earrings. They also provide an elongated effect that suits smaller hands.


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Emerald-Cut Diamond

This diamond is cut in a rectangular shape having cut corners. Its flat planes look like stair steps, which is why it also called a step cut. The flat planes on the outer edges can accommodate side stones of various shapes.


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Trilliant Diamonds

These diamonds are cut in the shape of a pyramid. One such diamond can act as an attractive center stone. Alternatively two of them may be used as side stones. In addition, trilliant diamonds may be used together with diamonds of different shapes. The diamonds usually have 19 facets on their pavilions, 25 facets on their crowns and polished girdles. If the triangles have equal angles, then the diamond has more value.


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Cushion-Cut Diamond

Also known as “pillow-cut” diamonds, these gems have an antique style that features large facets and deep cuts. When light strikes the large facets, they produce a unique brilliance and sparkle.


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Radiant-Cut Diamonds

Radiant-cut diamonds are relatively new. They may be either rectangular or square in shape, and combine the brilliance of round diamonds with the qualities of the emerald ones. The first radiant-cut diamond featured 69 facets, including eight on the girdle. The most ideal diamonds have their lengths one and a half times longer than their widths.


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