Many major networks like We TV and TLC have released wedding related television programs. Any of these programs can help you plan your own wedding, showing you hundreds of different ideas that allow you to choose what works well and what doesn’t.

The popular TV series, Say Yes to The Dress,” (with many spin-offs), shows dozens of dress styles per episode. They also give advice on how to deal with grooms, family members, and friends while shopping for your dress. Randy, the general manager, sometimes even gives advice on body type and the styles that work best for them. The show really stresses how the people that you bring wedding dress shopping can make or break you experience. The show doesn’t only focus on the show room, but also behind the scenes and alterations. They are pretty clear that knowing your budget is the first step to wedding dress shopping.

The drama-ridden series, Bridezillas,” follows brides in the days and weeks leading up to the wedding. Often the brides and her closest friends and family members are at each other’s throats and getting upset over the smallest details. This show can help you prepare for the stress of a wedding, and help you see how drama only adds to it. If you are prone to stress and anxiety, creating an itinerary for you and your bridal party (and maybe even the guests!) can ease some of the tension. Wedding booklet printing is become more popular for the bridal party and the guests so that everyone knows what is going on when. These booklets can even include personalized messages from family members and friends, and short biographies of each member of the bridal party.

David Tutera transforms ugly ducklings into beautiful princesses in his hit series My Fair Wedding.” These women struggle with poise and etiquette, and David shows them how to turn their trashy weddings in to elegant parties. Although his transformations are usually over-the-top and over budget, using his ideas as a base for simple transformations can turn mundane ideas in to great ones.

To see your wedding from a different perspective, watch Four Weddings,” in which four brides all attend, review, and rate each others weddings. These brides are all strangers and are competing for an exotic honeymoon.They are brutally honest, and bring up small details that a bride might not think about, like how big the reception is, or whether there is salad dressing!

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