It is a common trend for the bride to wear her best jewellery on her wedding day. This might be a family piece, saved for the ultimate special occasion or passed down through the family from generation to generation or something exquisite, brought especially for the big day, to match the wedding dress and shoes.

However it is also arguable that your choice of jewellery should reflect your personality, as much as your hairstyle, make up and dress should. So what happens when tradition has to be broken? The earrings your mother wore on her wedding day, in your opinion are outrageous, hideous and not your style at all? It is time to bring your own style to your wedding.

There are stories out there of the worst wedding dresses, ugliest shoes and disaster hairstyles but customizing your look for the big day does not necessarily mean ruining the traditional wedding attire.

Take vintage wedding jewellery for example. Pieces can be timeless, classic and minimal as well as chunky statement rings and necklaces. These days, people think of trusted brands such as Pandora jewellery or Links of London for delicate styles, but going vintage can often bring about some absolute bargains. If that isn’t your style however, the big brands often do stock a ‘pre owned jewellery’ section or jewellery that is new, but of vintage style.

Plastic jewellery is never really a consideration – but if you were born in the 80’s and pink is your thing, why not brighten up your dress with some pink beads or button earrings? Your wedding guests are more likely to gasp in delight at your wedding day look when they see the real you coming through.

Should you wear more than just your new ring? What if you have a ring that you love and always wear? Should you take this off in favor of showing off your wedding band in a new light? If it is a case of removing a piece of jewellery you love and wear each day, why not keep it on for the big day? It would be like going to the gym with no sports bra to remove it!!

Whatever line of jewellery you choose on your wedding day, make sure it reflects your personality. This is the one chance for a whole day to be centered around you so make the most of it by choosing what you want to wear!

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