affordable wedding celebration (

affordable wedding celebration (

The world is full of horror stories about weddings and their associated price tags, with many newlyweds lamenting the thousands upon thousands of dollars spent to celebrate the big day and entertain a large number of guests. It doesn’t have to be that way, however. With a few simple tips, a wedding can be far more easily affordable without sacrificing entertainment, memories, or popular traditions.

Don’t Get Professionally Printed Announcements or Invitations

In a world before the Internet, many people got professional announcements and invitations to send to their wedding guests. This is a very big expense, but one that can be avoided with a home printer and plenty of ink. Printing invitations at home can save hundreds of dollars over professional prices, and most people won’t be able to tell the difference at all.

Downsize the Guest List

Because the cost of a wedding generally goes up with each confirmed invitation, it’s a good idea for budget-conscious couples to simply limit their guest list to closer friends, family, and coworkers. This will reduce food costs, event space requirements, and many other large expenses that can boost a wedding’s price tag.

Make Centerpieces and Party Favors

Rather than shopping at a party supply store or a wedding boutique for centerpieces and party favors, create these special items at home before the big day. This is the perfect opportunity to bring the family together around a common task, and it’s a great way to bond new families together before the ceremony.

Look at Reception Rental Rates (Or Lack Thereof)

It’s commonly believed at all reception locations will charge some form of rent, but that’s just not true. In addition to there being a wide range of prices for these facilities, some places don’t charge at all. Look into local wineries or special events places that require just advance notification, rather than a security deposit, to save serious money.

Work Those Personal Connections

Know a chef? Have them cater the wedding for a “friends and family” price. Know a photographer? Ask them to do the same. By working connections with relevant professionals, couples can save a significant sum of money on professional services that would otherwise cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Careful Planning is the Key to a Frugal Wedding

Couples who are planning their big day should look at every possible way to save money, from their guest list to the friends and family members who can offer their services on the big day for a reduced cost. By doing some things independently of professionals and conducting a healthy amount of comparison shopping, saving will be easy at every turn.

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