Your daughter’s wedding day is a day you’ll remember forever but also one that can be very stressful to plan for. Deciding on the perfect outfit from the sea of mother of the bride dresses available can be a daunting task. Where do you start?

Match the color scheme

Matching the color scheme of the wedding will ensure everyone knows you’re part of the close wedding party. However beware of pastel shades. If your daughter has selected pale shades in the wedding color scheme you don’t have to find a dress in that exact hue. Find a close complementary color that is a little more bright and bold so you standout rather than blending in.

mother-of-the-bride-gown ( )

mother-of-the-bride-gown ( )

Consider the hat question carefully

It seems the tradition of mothers-of-the-bride dressing in hats is alive and well in the UK. However if wearing a hat isn’t your personal style then don’t follow tradition just for the sake of it especially if your daughter is planning a far from traditional wedding. Wearing a hat will put the finishing touch on a formal structured dress, as you an see on their website, but won’t suit a full-length ‘floaty’ number quite as well. Fascinators make a great alternative and suit younger women very well.

Mother-of-the-Bride-Dresses (source: )

Mother-of-the-Bride-Dresses (source: )

Make sure you include a good coat

Outdoor photos shoots, walking between venues and getting to your hotel at the end of the night all require a great coat to add warmth to your outfit. Generally wedding clothes should be light and comfortable as the wedding involves eating and dancing, activities which keep you warm, but this means that if you need to go outside for any reason you’ll be freezing, even in the UK summertime! Pick a long line coat that will keep your legs warm too and a color that compliments your outfit.

mother-of-the-bride-outfit ( )

mother-of-the-bride-outfit ( )

Shop outside of the usual wedding boutiques

The styles available in most wedding boutiques don’t differ much and haven’t differed for the last 20 years, generally consisting of a stiff dress paired with matching bolero or jacket in block colors or busy patterns, in cuts that are very aging. A lot of regular fashion stores are now offering wedding sections with more modern styles that break away from the classic wedding styles. Retailers such as Net-A-Porter and LK Bennett allow you to pick a mother-of-the-bride suitable outfit that is also fashion forward. Alternatively shop at the same bridal shop your daughter found her dress, the chances are that you have similar style and you’ll find something you love.


Weddings prove to consist of a very long day, primarily spent on your feet so comfortable shoes are an absolute must. For many ladies heels are a requirement when wearing a dress or other occasion wear. While flats are of course the easiest solution to comfort but it is possible to be comfortable in heels too. The key is to shop smart and pay a little more for high quality shoes. You should always try on shoes when you’ve been walking a while so you know they’ll be comfortable when they swell in the course of the day. Choose well respected high street shoe shops like Clarks or Dune for affordable shoes you can rely on. If you have more money to spend then choose designer shoes such as Manolo Blahnik who reportedly designs with support and comfort in mind.

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