Big weddings are few and far apart these days. Budgets shrink as the rising costs of wedding gowns, venues and the overall stress of the even itself are sometimes just too much to take – I know, I have spoken to many brides and grooms as they prepared for their big day here in Italy.

getting married in Italy

Years back a wedding in Italy was mostly an exclusive very high class event only few would even think of, but in recent years the trend has changed significantly- to the extent that many now find simpler and more cost effective to get married in  a location of their choice and spend their honeymoon in Italy.

A Wedding for all Budgets

You will find a large number of experienced wedding planners operating in many locations throughout Italy. This new generation of professionals are prepared and will almost certainly meet up to your expectations, will speak English quite well and are also able to write in English. Italy is famous for the complexity of the public administration and many fear all the red tape they will have to go through for a wedding. A wedding planner will avoid you headaches and nightmares, although it is much simpler these days.

getting married in Italy 2

Where Should you get married in Italy?

Well of course I’ll tell you Tuscany is the best place! Rome and Venice are known worldwide but they are tourist locations – some like the noise and the excitement of these places, others enjoy a brake away from it all and seek the countryside for some days of romantic and intimate relax – This is what Tuscany is all about. There are many country relays with charming and peaceful surroundings,  close to Siena which is a beautiful city and very close to Florence. Some decide in favor of a “mixed” experience, a bit of the countryside and some days in Rome and Venice.

getting married in Italy 4

Who gets married in Italy?

I’ve met all sorts of people who came to Italy for their wedding: what did they all have in common? They were all passionate, wanting something different for their wedding day, not a stretch limousine and a long bridal party, but close family and a few true friends – this is in essence what makes of these people a “Clique” – does this description fit your emotions, and expectations for your upcoming wedding day?

getting married in Italy 3

See you in Italy!

Carlo Carletti is an award winning wedding photographer with a unique photojournalistic approach. He has an excellent track record with hundreds of weddings in Italy and more recently abroad in the United States where his services are very much appreciated. Carlo is the only professional wedding photographer to have won the WPJA award twice.

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