The wedding day is the greatest day for the bridegroom and the bride because it marks the union of the two under a marriage institution. Beach weddings and waterfront weddings are treated with special care and therefore have a lot of significance to the friends and relatives of the couples. However, there are more than 1 million weddings that happen each day and therefore in order to have a unique wedding, couples should choose the most suitable wedding venue. Although there are various places where one can have a wedding, it’s advisable that you choose the most romantic and spectacular venue. If you’re looking for boudoir photography Rhode Island, contact Stacy Smith Studios. To capture the best day of your lives, hire professional wedding photographers New Orleans to create the beautiful memories that will be kept. Here are top ten places to get married around the world:

Grand hotel in Florence, Italy

This gracious venue is not only beautiful, but it’s also considered very romantic. It has a brilliant architecture, and it’s also decorated to suit the event. The interior is professionally designed, and it’s a place where the bride can’t fail to say “I DO” in the most submissive manner. There is enough space to accommodate guests, and it also offers a well-furnished bedroom with a king size bed. There is a high level of services, therefore, everybody will feel at home.


Le Saint Gerans Mauritius

It’s located in the coast of Indian Ocean in East Africa, and it has been a hotspot for popular people in the world including celebrities and British royalty. There is a spectacular ocean view and very beautiful white sand beach. Mauritius can also be a good place for honeymoon because of the numerous 5 star hotels available.

Le Saint Gerans Mauritius

Tandjung Sari resort in Bali, Indonesia

A glamorous experience with nature will spice up a wedding ceremony, and it will also give a wedding couple the most memorable time. Tandjung sari resort provides that glamorous experience with nature since it has a natural environment that paints the wedding with the green color of nature. There is an ocean bordering the resort and therefore you can have a romantic wedding at the oceanfront.

Tandjung Sari resort in Bali, Indonesia

Dalhousie castle in Edinburgh, Scotland

This venue gives wedding couple a royal feeling and a sense of pride. It was built in the 13th century and it’s now a luxurious hotel, it therefore has a combination of both ancient and modern themes. It’s fully furnished with 27 bedrooms and out of all of them, 14 bedrooms have a historical theme. The wedding couple can therefore choose to experience the historical or modern bedrooms. Guests will also have the opportunity to explore the green friendly environment.


Legion of Honor in San Francisco, California

If the wedding couple need a venue that’s on a hilltop with a beautiful and romantic vicinity, then the Legion of Honor is the place to be. It’s strategically positioned and it allows one to have a view of the Pacific Ocean spilling on San Francisco. This historical museum has a classical architecture and wedding couple will have memorable photos taken on this art museum. The guests will also have a spectacular view of the region and an exciting moment observing the vicinity.

Legion of Honor in San Francisco

Central Park in New York

Central park is romantic and it has beautiful gardens in which unique weddings can be held. Wedding couple with the dream of having their wedding at the center of the city, should therefore consider central park in Manhattan. The best garden in the park is the Lush garden since it has a glamorous natural environment that brings out the theme of romance.

New York wedding photographer Sofia Negron Central Park Boathouse blue white

Rock house hotel in Negril, Jamaica

Why does everyone prefer walking down the aisle? It’s simply because they blindly follow a common tradition. The Rock house hotel breaks the monotony by providing a wooden bridge that is suspended over the water on which the wedding couple can walk side by side. The spectacular vicinity creates an extra ordinary theme that the guests will enjoy throughout the wedding.

Rock house hotel in Negril

The Oberoi Udaivilas in Udaipur, India

This is a beautiful and a very romantic palace with spectacular vicinity. The palace has lovely designed pool and the architect is just enough to excite the guests throughout the wedding. The bride will even say “I DO” before she’s even asked, because the palace is not only beautiful but also offers the theme of love in Asian context.

The Oberoi Udaivilas in Udaipur,

Ladera Soufriere

This venue is like paradise on earth and it provides the guests with a clear view of the Caribbean sea and the beautiful Piton mountain. The resort has a glamorous design with beautiful pools. A taste of Caribbean culture makes the wedding unique since most people only incorporate common world culture.

Ladera Soufriere

Le Chatteau d’Esclimont in France

France is known to be a romantic country and therefore a wedding will turn out to be excellent if it’s done in the most romantic venue in a country that is considered to be romantic. Le Chatteau d’Esclimont is situated 45 kilometer form Paris and it will make the bride feel like a loved princess.

Le Chatteau d'Esclimont

The top ten places to get married are the best choices that wedding couple can make in their wedding day. However, in order to easily travel to the place of their choice they need a reliable means of transport similar to these Jettly finest aircraft options.

You can also therefore get the easy jet telephone number to book tickets and to plan for traveling to the place they wish to hold their wedding.

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