Top 5 DIY Wedding Dress Id

Top 5 DIY Wedding Dress Id

Finding that perfect dress for your big day is no easy task. You could spend countless hours trying on dress after dress after dress… you get the picture. By the time you’ve tried on your 87th dress, they are all starting to look the same and nothing is good enough. Finally you’ve found it! You try on the dress of your dreams and everything is falling into place. Then you look at the price tag—arg! Your fantasy dress is now out of your reach so you decide to MAKE your dress.

A Do-It-Yourself dress is not as daunting as it sounds. There are so many resources online or possibly in your community that can help you along your way. Just make sure you give yourself enough time. There are so many great reasons a DIY wedding dress will work for you. All the decisions will be made by you. From fabric choices, patterns, style and embellishments, you have full creative control for the perfect fit wedding dress. Here are five creative ideas for your DIY wedding dress:

Knit or crochet your dress

This is where you’ll need to allow yourself enough time, while this DIY project can take quite a bit of time (but totally worth it!) Patterns can be found & purchased online for only $15 at You’ll only need 12-13 balls of yarn to complete your dress.

Dress made from ties

This idea is definitely for the “green” bride. Making a recycled tie wedding gown is eco-friendly and unique. Start collecting used neck ties to make your dress. You have the ability to have texture and possibly color on your gown. If you don’t want color, just bleach all the ties.

Design it then send it off

Technically this isn’t 100% DIY but it gives you the same creative control. You are still choosing every element to your dress but if you don’t have any talent in the sewing department, find a friend who does. There are multiple websites dedicated to designing your own dress. Give your design to a talented & willing friend or local seamstress.

Use a loved pattern

Do you have a blouse that looks absolutely amazing on you? Use that article of clothing to make a pattern for the top of your dress. It will fit you in the same amazing way your favorite shirt does.


 Find any dress and make it your own. It can be a wedding gown that is almost perfect or a simple white dress that you embellish with your own style. Modifying an existing dress into your dream dress can also be cost-effective or even sentimental. Use a family members old wedding dress and bring it into the 21st century.

Don’t be discouraged when looking for a wedding gown—DIY your dream dress and make your already special day even more special.

Author  Bio: Hayley is a freelance fashion blogger. Looking for the latest wedding dress trends? Try clicking here.

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