between yes and I doAs someone who recently got engaged I feel like I’m living my very own fairytale even amongst the piles of invitations and wedding magazines. I never want it to end and I replay the proposal over and over in my head to the point that my arms are covered in goose-bumps.

It may sound cheesy but my fiance (I can’t get over saying that!) lined a walkway in the park with candles and lead me down it to the rose garden where he got down on one knee.  Even though my mind was racing almost as fast as my heart I will never forget that moment. Eeeek! I get all giddy just thinking about it. I have to say that the proposal was absolutely perfect, but I worry that the magic from the proposal won’t carry over to my actual wedding.

Losing the magic is unacceptable in my book so I have been coming up with a plan to make sure that doesn’t happen. My initial thought was to have the ceremony at the rose garden where he proposed but for various reasons that doesn’t seem as though it’s going to work out. My next thought was to use roses for my bouquet but to be honest I was probably going to do that anyways.

After spending countless hours dreaming about my wedding, it finally hit me. I decided that I am going to line the aisle with candles just as he did for my proposal! Brilliant right?? I’ve always dreamed of a candlelit wedding and since we are planning on an evening wedding in the fall, it will work out perfectly.

Of course this won’t be enough for me. I’m still going to throw roses into my floral arrangements and do anything else I can think of to carry the spark from the proposal to my wedding.

Here are a few other things that I’m considering:

I promised him that I wouldn’t go around spewing out what he actually said to me during the proposal (he’s a shy guy) but I do think that it will be extremely romantic to incorporate what he said to me in my vows to him.

I’m also considered taking the hairclip that I was wearing when he proposed to me and hiding it in my veil. It was technically a hairclip that belonged to my best friend until I “borrowed it forever” so I think it can count as my “something borrowed” too.

As every true romantic knows, nothing says “I love you” like something that’s expensive and bubbly! I plan on toasting with the same champagne that we right after the proposal. Champagne De Venoge anyone?

While I realize that incorporating the proposal into my wedding isn’t the most important aspect of getting married, I think that doing so is just one more way that I can make sure my wedding is as special and as memorable as possible.

Author Bio: Carmen Denny is a sappy romantic who has finally snagged her very own Prince Charming. She writes for http://www.quickcandles.comto help satisfy her obsession with weddings and romance.

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