Even though it is going to be hidden under your wedding dress, the underwear you choose on your wedding day is important because it needs to fit the material of your wedding dress and of course who can forget the wedding night. To the underwear depends how your wedding dress will fit – is it going to fall perfectly or it will hang inappropriately. Underwear is the foundation dress, so when you go to a wedding dress rehearsal, bring the underwear you are going to wear on your wedding day.

The most important part of your wedding lingerie is bra. Most wedding dresses need support, which is actually located in a bra. Most salons offer specialized or even having the possibility to have a bra sewn into the wedding dress you have chosen, however car needs to be taken as they are usually in a certain size. If you can’t find a bra that fits you, ask if they can hand-stitch your bra into your wedding dress at the salon. These are mostly strapless bras however busters’ can be a better fit.

A large number of brides when choosing lingerie want something sexy, without thinking about their comfort. Try the proven model of sexy panties for which you’re certain they you will not pinch and tighten you. Be careful not to choose panties with the lace on the inside because it can irritate the skin.

Other extremely useful items of clothing at a wedding are stockings. Choose stockings that limit and shape your body so that your wedding dress fits perfectly. Of course, you do not have to wear stockings if your wedding is during the hot summer days.

It is also important to remember that you are not going to wear your wedding underwear for only an hour, but all day long so the lingerie you choose must fit perfectly in order to feel comfortable until the early morning hours

5 tips for appropriate selection:

1. You have to try and chosen underwear at least a few days before the wedding, because if your wedding dress is made of lightweight materials it might make your lingerie visible and of course this is something you do not want to happen.

2. If you have a strapless wedding gown such a bra is needed – try running or dancing in this bra so you know that it will not fall down at some point of the evening. If it looks good on you while you’re sitting still, that does not mean it will stay still while you’re dancing.

3. Underwear on your wedding day should be beautiful, sexy and comfortable. You do not have to wear thongs, if you are not comfortable in them – you can choose sexy panties. In order to make your man rejoiced after removing your wedding dress – wear a combination of lingerie and garter belts, or even sexy waist cinchers.

4. Adjust the color of the lingerie to the color of your wedding dress. If your wedding dress is white go with white or champagne colored lingerie. Choose black lingerie if you are wearing a black wedding dress.

5. Never send a friend, bridesmaid or your mom to buy you lingerie, no matter how similar body shape you might have – a half inches can mean a lot when you get sweaty from dancing the night away. The bra will glide, so you will not be able to relax. Buy underwear by yourself and try on dozens until you find the right one in which you will feel sexy and comfortable.

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