There are wedding planners who say that wedding favors must be something to eat, to drink or to use around the house. They also say that no matter how personal your wedding is to you, most of your guests do not enjoy having something around the house with your name imprinted. If we were to listen to them, we would realize that we either personalize very discreetly our wedding favors, or we don’t personalize them at all. I thought a lot about their opinion and I decided to come up with some Wedding Favor Ideas that match their description.

Handmade wedding favors

Handmade wedding favors solve two of your problems: on one hand they are quite cheep and on the other hand you can make them, and therefore they are personalized. But what would you make? There are so many ideas that you just have to decide on one, or more. Cookies are always welcomed, especially after a long and tiring reception. But if you are really talented, let the artist from inside come to light and create some jeweleries, or photo frames, or fridge magnets, or pressed flower pictures. Let your imagination go free and you will be very satisfied with the result.

pressed flower picture

Eco wedding favors

As more and more people are cautious when it comes to the environment, they tend to love everything that is green. So, instead of buying some favors made of plastic or any metal, why not offer them something full of life (and I am not talking about pets). If purchasing potted plants is too expensive for you, you can always choose to put some seeds, or bulbs into a small rustic sac, tied with an elegant ribbon. This way, your guests can plant them in their garden or in a pot. Just don’t forget to add a note saying what kind of seeds you offered, so they can know how to care for them.

eco wedding favor


Lottery tickers

As most of the people love to play the lottery but not many of them really do it, this can be your chance to make one of their dreams come true. Lottery tickets aren’t neither expensive nor hard to find. Your guests will have a lot of fun trying to scrape their lottery tickets, wishing for a prize. If one of them gets lucky, he will never forget your wedding.’




Having a raffle at your wedding is another way of making sure that your guest have fun, while receiving a souvenir in exchange. Buy as many different favors as your guests number and make sure that at least one of them is a little more fancy. You could have edible favors, skin care favors, gardening favors, jewellery, movie tickets, make-up kits, mini champagne bottles and something more expensive like a gift certificate for a spa treatment. When your guests arrive at the party, make sure they retrieve a ticket with a number. Have all the favors numbered and placed on a table. This way, each guest gets the favor that corresponds with the number he received at the entrance. This way you add the element of surprise to your party and give them all a chance to win.



Donations in the name of your guests

As most of your wedding guest have everything they need at home, and a crystal gall or some candies won’t make them any richer, think about the ones in need. Choose a foundation that takes care of disadvantaged people and make a donations in the name of all your wedding guests. Maybe the amount of money you have allocated for your favors seems too small but for those in need every penny counts. So instead of favors, put a ticket on the table announcing your guests about your gesture, and the foundation that is going to receive the money. You can even add pictures with the people that are going to benefit from your gesture.



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