It used to be that weddings were all about giving the couple things for the home they were about to build together. Nowadays, most couples will get married having already lived together for a number of years.

Here are a few gift ideas for the modern couple that everything they need for their home.

Honeymoon wedding list

There are a lot of travel companies that will allow couples to create a wedding list out of honeymoon add ons. For example, if the couple is going on a safari then there might be the opportunity to buy them champagne for their flight or an extra day out to see some of the rarer animals in Africa.

This is a great way to get the couple something they want and contribute to the trip of a lifetime.

Experience days

You have so many options when it comes to experience days. You could get them a theater trip that’s preceded by a romantic dinner. Or if the couple are adrenaline junkies then how about a day driving super cars.

The prices of experience days range from £50 up to the hundreds. The lower end might buy you a lap in a sports car or a few hours at a spa so if you really want to treat the happy couple the perhaps you can go in with a friend or family member to buy something a little more expensive.

Food hamper

After a wonderfully relaxing honeymoon the couple are going to be dreading being thrown back into their normal routine. They’re not going to want to unpack or put any washing on when they get home so why should they have to go to the shops for food.

Treat them to an indulgent food hamper full of goodies such as biscuits, preserves, cake, tea, coffee and wine and have it waiting for them on their return. This is a thoughtful gift that’s practical and will give the couple a very welcome surprise.

Whiskey from the year they met

If the couple has been together for a while then a bottle of whiskey from the year they met — or got together — could be a nice reminder of their life before marriage.

If you don’t want to do the leg work then you can go to a dedicated whiskey shop and tell them what year you are after. If the couple aren’t fans of whiskey then you could do something similar with wine.

Joint parachute jump

There’s something exhilarating about sharing everything with the person you love, especially something so terrifying. It’s very likely that the couple in question haven’t jumped out of a plane together. Get them something like this for their wedding and they can share in the excitement and fear running up to the jump,; and accomplishment that comes with having completed it.


If you don’t want to go for something show-stopping then go for something thoughtful but practical. Vouchers for a specific shop show you’ve given thought to your gift but you’re giving the extra flexibility of letting the couple buy what they need and want.

Author bio: Taylor Ritchie is a writer working for MyNRMA who specialise in wedding and anniversary gifts.


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