Both anticipated by the guests and dreaded by those involved, wedding speeches remain a tradition that when done well can be a highlight of the wedding party.

At most of the weddings, there are certain people who have to deliver a speech: bride’s parents, groom’s parents, made of honor, best man, the bride and the groom.

Tips to write a great wedding speech

The first tip is to keep in mind the order in which the great wedding speeches are delivered. Traditionally, the bride’s father’s is first to make a speech followed by the groom’s father, the groom and lastly, the best man speech. Invited guests may also deliver a speech. In many weddings, speeches are delivered by both parents of the bride and groom, typically the father of the bride, then the mother of the bride followed by the father of the groom and then the mother of the groom. It is also common for the bride to deliver a speech. Bridesmaids are also welcome to say a speech. So, if you are the last person to deliver a great wedding speech you might want to include a joke in your speech in order to help the wedding guest relax and enjoy the party.

My second tip refers to speech’s language. When writing your speech it is very important to use conventional language. It is advisable to use everyday words instead of fancy words, because using simple words will ensure you a larger audience. Also, with ordinary words your speech may sound casual and fan and not a strict sermon.

Thirdly, in order to make sure that you don’t get lost in the meaning of a phrase, use short sentences and also short paragraphs. Shorter sentences and paragraphs will enable your speech delivery to be much more succinct for the any kind of audience you will have. Short sentences will also ensure great and easy to understand wedding speeches.

The fourth tip refers to the topic of your wedding speech. It is important to have just a single theme or topic for your speech. For example you can quote a writer and talk about how that quote applies to that specific couple, or you can tell a story about the groom or the bride. But make sure you don’t mix them, as it will be more difficult for your audience to understand.

Don’t forget about your style. Originality and imaginary plays an important role in writing great wedding speeches. You should use colorful and descriptive words and make sure you are as creative as you can. Also, to make sure that you have impressed your guests, follow the policy “show, don’t tell!”

Help is always available. If you are really out of ideas you can always ask for professional help. You can read guides and tips, or find samples online, in order to inspire you to write your great wedding speech.

And the last of my tips: details are important. When actually delivering your speech make sure that all the details are taken care of. Focus on your body language instead of your content in the introduction. Stand up straight and pull your shoulders back. Speak loudly, clearly and make eye contact with audience. Make sure that your appearance is impeccable. Following this tips, you will write and deliver great speeches no matter the event.

In my country speeches are not delivered at weddings. However it is common for the bride and the groom, or some of their friends, or family to do something special, something that would come as a surprise for the guests. What I would like is for my wedding’s special moment is my boyfriend to play the guitar and sing our favorite song. I would do it, but I have nothing in common with music.

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