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Not everybody loves a huge shindig so is it possible to get married without a party? Sometimes it can seem like everything is geared towards the reception and trying to outdo the last wedding that we went to. If you are on a tight budget or if you just don’t want the whole circus of a wedding then how do you do it? Follow this guide to find out how you can get the wedding you want!


Small but Modern Marriage Celebrant packages are usually the best ones as you get to interact with all your guests and this enables you to relax more knowing that you have your closest friends and family around you. There is also more focus on the ceremony itself as you know everybody there is focusing on the words you are saying and are truly there to celebrate with you.

A smaller wedding is easier to get away with if this is perhaps your second time around as most people will understand why you don’t want a huge wedding again, especially extended family members. As well as saving on costs you are also cutting down on wedding nerves.

If you have a groom who is nervous about making a speech having a smaller and familiar group of people around him will help him out immensely. Also you can focus more on the day itself knowing that the sea of faces watching you make your vows will be familiar and this should help seep away any nerves leaving you free to enjoy your day without any stresses.

Location, Location:

Locations for smaller weddings are often easier to find. You don’t need to fall into the trap of finding a location big enough to cater for everyone. Why not do what Kate Winslet did when she married Sam Mendez and hire a local pub? You can really go wild here and choose a destination wedding, a quite but nice chapel that can make the event a spiritual experience, or a really quirky place that sums you both up as a couple or is somewhere that provides the backdrop of a mutual hobby.


For example if you are both into potholing there are some locations where you can get married in a cave or tunnels (May not be suitable for some guests). Or there are the more ordinary routes such as a civil ceremony in a quiet location or a registry office. Other locations include theaters, cinemas, music venues, private houses, barns, and outdoor wedding garden venue – you name it.

You can even get married on the London Eye. A destination wedding is a sure fire way of keeping your guest list small and ensuring only the people you really want there are invited. They can be costly though so make sure that you have budgeted enough and decide if you are going to pay for people’s flights and accommodation too.

Who to Invite

This is entirely up to you. Most small weddings cater for the couples nearest and dearest including family members and close friends. Or if you have a large circle of friends it is sometimes easier to just invite close family to avoid the extra cost and the possible awkwardness associated with having to choose who will be present.


If you have children then you will have noticed that your social circle will have changed quite dramatically – do you invite the best friends you see only every six months or the people you see every day? Here’s where you can justify not inviting these people. If they don’t know you as a family or as a couple then what’s the point? Invite only the people who you both know and who you know care about you all immensely.

Don’t invite the people one or the other of you has never met. This should be easier to explain to people without hurting anyone’s feelings. Most importantly let people know your intention to have a small wedding and make your reasons clear.

  It’s your wedding and it’s your choice how you do it, it isn’t up to anyone else. Of course should you choose to throw all caution to the wind then why not elope? It doesn’t have to be as tacky as Gretna Green or the Little White Chapel in Vegas.

There are plenty of ways to do this. There are many ‘Elopement’ packages available in the UK as well as around the world. Small weddings are getting bigger by the day and many people have caught on to this idea.

You can rent a location and have two witnesses supplied and a champagne reception just for the two of you. Many places also allow a small number of guests should you feel as though an elopement will ruffle too many feathers.


You will still need a certain amount of cash to fund your wedding – albeit not as much as a huge wedding but still a required amount. There will still be all the usual wedding costs to out lay regardless of how small you are planning to go.


Venues, celebrants, rings, outfits, photographer, reception ,wedding bouquet and of course‘Thank You’ flowers all cost a lot of money and although you will be cutting a lot of the cost down by not having a big wedding or reception, they will still all need paying for. However, it does mean you can then splurge on the other details if you have the budget for it.

You can of course throw a party as such for the people you wanted to invite but couldn’t. It doesn’t have to be anything flash – you could even have it in your home with just a select few friends and family members. Or look to hire a function room in a pub – usually free in some places if you have a certain amount of people in attendance. This gives you the option to escape into the quieter areas of the pub and not hurt anyone’s feelings. However you do it as long as you do it your way then that is all that matters.

Starting with your wedding theme and ending with your bridal gown, each of your wedding planning choice should be based on what you like or on what it is fashionable. If you decide to make your choices depending on fashion, make sure that your wedding bands make no exception to the rule.

A long, long time ago wedding bands were just some simple rings, with no special design that people use to wear after they got married. Nowadays, there are thousands of designs and styles for wedding bands that future spouses can choose from.

Pink gold wedding bands

Pink gold has been popular for several years know. The difference is that in 2014 you can find it wedding bands too. Pink is a versatile color that matches any skin color. Pink also represents a special choice that attracts the eyes of many people around you.

pink gold wedding bands

Titanium wedding bands

If your favorite metal is gold, but you want to wear more modern wedding bands, titanium is the one metal you should keep in mind. Titanium has a wonderful color, it is highly resistant to any external factors, it is a light, nonreactive and hypo allergic.

titanum wedding bands

Two shades wedding bands

If you are looking for a more sophisticated look for your wedding bands, you can choose the ones that have two shades of gold. No matter if you go with the classic choice of yellow and white gold, if you like to mix the pink gold with yellow or white gold, either way, your choice will talk by itself.

two shades wedding bands

Personalized wedding bands

There is no news that personalized wedding rings and bands are popular among today’s spouses. As the personalization goes, you can let your imagination go wild and do whatever makes you feel good when you wear your band. You can write a nice short message on its interior. You can have a special design printed on it (hearts, leaves, flowers, mountains, etc.). You can choose a wedding band with colorful stones. You can do anything you want, as long as it represents you and your personality.

custom wedding bands

Vintage wedding bands

As we said before, vintage never dies, and vintage wedding bands make no exception to this rule. There are a few styles for vintage wedding bands, but the Victorian bands are the most popular in 2014. Before choosing such a band, make sure you are prepared to wear it, as it inspires elegance at all time.

vintage wedding bands

Years ago a wedding photographer would arrive about half an hour before the wedding ceremony, photograph through the ceremony and perhaps the first part of the wedding reception and then head off home after a ?ockcake cutting picture half way through the afternoon. It was quite common for photographers to be booked to photograph more than one wedding in a day and the photographic  coverage package was usually restricted by time and also often by the number of photographs that would be taken. Many of the photographs were rather starchy standard posed shots and typically the photographer would take a large number of family group photographs.



Then, about twenty years ago wedding photography started a slow renaissance. Photographers started to use a much more photojournalistic wedding photography style, there was much less emphasis on set up posed shots and telling the story of the day in pictures became very fashionable. Inevitably, as this story telling idea got hold photographers began to cover more and more of the day. Bridal preparation coverage became the norm and photographers often photographed right through the day up until the dancing or beyond at the reception in the evening.

In an ever increasing market where photography was starting to become much more fashionable, competitive and lucrative photographers began to look for ways of extending the wedding coverage beyond the wedding day itself. Engagement shoots are very popular today, boudoir photo shoots are also increasingly being used by brides to present their husbands with rather unique and personal wedding day gifts and, what’s become known as the ?rash the dressshoot has become the big thing to do after the wedding!

trash the dress 2

Often, on the actual wedding day itself, there is precious little time, particularly in UK weddings, for the bride and groom to spend ages with the photographer doing photographs. Most couples would rather spend time celebrating with their friends and families on the day rather than posing around having their picture taken! The trash the dress shoot happens after the wedding day and is the perfect opportunity to have a huge amount of fun in the dress after all the time pressures and stresses of the wedding day itself are over.

Originally these types of shoots really were all about going in a wedding dress where no bride had ever dared to go before! Beaches, woodlands, oily garages and muddy fields were all used as dramatic backdrops for brides in wedding dresses with wellies, smeared in mud, soaked with water, paint or oil! These made dramatic and shocking pictures but actually, in reality, not many brides want to truly trash the beautiful dress they got married in.

trash the dress 3

These days this type of shoot is much more about a celebration of the dress and is a bit more like a fun fashion shoot. You really don’t have to ruin your dress to get great pictures and the shoot can even include the groom as well! The whole point is to get some great images of you without the constraints of time, location and keeping clean and tidy that you are under on your wedding day.

So, if you are considering having a trash/love the dress shoot after your wedding, here are five important points to consider.

How far are you really prepared to go?

What type of images are you hoping to achieve and to what extent are you really prepared to risk damaging your dress? It is one thing being happy to get it dirty with a view to getting it dry cleaned but quite another to contemplate ruining it beyond repair! The most important element of this type of shoot is fun and you must feel comfortable with whatever decision you make.

Think about the best photographer for the job

Your wedding photographer on your wedding day may have been fantastic but, if they were for example, a photo journalist specialist they may not offer, or be really comfortable doing a trash the dress shoot. Look around at other photographers and see if they offer the service. Check their portfolios and see if their images match your expectations and also match the type of images you have in mind.

trash the dress 4

Talk to your photographer and discuss ideas for locations, poses and props

Remember this is your shoot and your photographer will be glad of your creative input. It’s a great opportunity to express your creativity so let your imagination go wild. It can be a good idea to collect images that might give you ideas and inspiration for your own shoot try creating a Pinterest board for example.

During the shoot be prepared to be a little out of your comfort zone!

Challenge yourself to push your limits a little and enjoy the whole process. Take time on the day to mentally prepare yourself and try to allow plenty of time in your schedule. Remember that your husband may well want to be involved either as a spectator or be in the photographs as well.

Plan what you are going to do with the photographs

The worse place to keep them is electronically on a computer hard drive. Budget to at least get them printed, perhaps have an album made or what about aiming to have a really striking frame or canvas of one of the images on your wall at home?

Any post wedding photo-shoot can be a great opportunity to get some really personal and memorable images without the time pressure of the wedding day itself. Plan carefully and think about exactly what you want from the shoot and you should be rewarded with photographs that you will look back on and treasure for many years to come.