All the brides want their bridal bouquet to be unique in its way. Some brides go with the classic roses, some go with white lilies, and some prefer the tulips and orchids. But there are so many other flowers you can choose from in order to create your unique bridal bouquet.

Here are some ideas of flowers you don’t usually expect to see in a bridal bouquet, but that make your bridal bouquet unique and special.


I am sure you haven’t seen many brides wearing a bouquet made of sunflowers. I didn’t either, but I surely love the idea. This is an unexpected bridal bouquet that will take you out of anonymity. Sunflowers are bright flowers with a strong color that will make a perfect contrast with your bridal gown. The sunflowers are perfect for a cascade or a simple round unique bridal bouquet.

Unique bridal bouquet - sunflower

Unique bridal bouquet – sunflower (source:

Lilies of the valley

Delicate and fresh, lily of the valley can form a perfect unique bridal bouquet for a bride with a simple style. Lilies of the valley can also fit a very elegant dress. A small unique bridal bouquet of lily is comfortable and practical but also very beautiful.

Unique bridal bouquet - lily of the valley

Unique bridal bouquet – lily of the valley (source: )


Like the lily, hydrangea is small and delicate flower that can form an unique and rich bridal bouquet. Hydrangea are a perfect choice if you are planning on having a round or poesy bridal bouquet. As hydrangea come in a variety of colors, it shouldn’t be a problem for you to match the color of your unique bridal bouquet to the colors of your wedding.

Unique bridal bouquet -hydrangena

Unique bridal bouquet -hydrangea (source: )


Peonies can be easily used to form an rich, colorful and unique bridal bouquet. Peonies are perfect for an elegant formal wedding, but they can also be used for an informal wedding. Unique bridal bouquets made of peonies are fresh and bright and can definitely inspire your wedding day.

Unique bridal bouquet - peony

Unique bridal bouquet – peony (source:


There is no other flower that could be a better fit for a fall themed wedding bridal bouquet. Chrysanthemums come in a variety of colors too, so you have where to choose from when deciding the colors of your unique bridal bouquet made of chrysanthemum.

Unique bridal bouquet - chrysanthemum

Unique bridal bouquet – chrysanthemum (source: )

I will admit that my favorite is the peony bridal bouquet. What about you girls? Do you have a favorite bridal bouquet?

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