In the ancient time there was little choice for a bride regarding jewelry, so gray jewels were worn by all the brides. Nowadays things are a lot different, as women pay more attention to their bridal jewelry, consider being an important element for a perfect wedding.

How to Choose Your Bridal Jewelry

Set a budget

Budgets for bridal jewelry and wedding accessories beyond wedding rings will vary for each couple. Consider the traditional guidelines for wedding jewelry budgets, but remember that only brides and grooms can determine ideal wedding jewelry budgets.

Invest in education

No matter how limited — or unlimited — your wedding jewelry budget is, you want the best value for your money. Taking the time to learn about jewelry metals, gemstones and designs makes you a more informed and confident shopper.

Choose your dress first

The neckline of your dress will dictate the length and size of necklace. If the dress has a high neckline, you might consider a longer pendant style of necklace or choose to wear only a pair of large and beautiful earrings. If your dress is heavily embellished go easy on the bridal jewelry as you don’t want to overdo it, a simple wedding necklace should suffice and compliment a busy wedding dress beautifully.

Hairstyle matters

Hair pulled up shows off a drop earring, while hair left down may work best with smaller earrings that won’t get lost in your hair, whereas simple studs or small bejeweled hoops may be the perfect addition to a decorative veil or tiara.

Wedding theme

You have to consider your wedding theme, motif and set up before selecting your wedding jewelry. A casual theme usually works best with jewelry that is smaller in size and simpler in design, while a more formal event often calls for something larger and more elegant.

Family jewels

Think about how you can work family jewels into your bridal look. For sentimental reasons you may choose Grandma’s pearls, your favorite aunt’s diamond earrings or your mother’s charm bracelet instead of buying new pieces.


Harmonize the gemstones found in your dress or headpiece with those in your jewelry. Pearls will complement beading, whereas diamonds or zirconium goes well with sequins or crystals.

Different types of jewels

As well as necklace and earrings, a bride can choose a tiara, updo jewels and bracelet. Beware that rings could make your hands look cluttered when all eyes are on the wedding ring. An exception to this would be wearing a ring with significance, for example a family heirloom.

Try them on with your dress

When you have chosen your jewelry, try it all on with the dress, with your updo pulled into the right shape. Any doubts, change the jewelry. If it doesn’t completely work, don’t wear it.

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

For something old ask your mother and relatives if you can borrow the family heirloom or a piece of jewelry from them that you have always adored. By borrowing this from your relatives, you also get to have “Something Borrowed” on your ensemble. For something blue you could add a bit of sapphire, aquamarine, apatite, iolite or blue topaz into your wedding jewelry, but first make sure that it fits your wedding theme.

Accessorize the groom

Many men limit their jewelry to a wedding band and a good watch, but they can add a little extra glamor for the big day. Monogrammed cuff links made of the same metal as the wedding band are accessories a man can continue to wear after he is married. A handsome bracelet is also a good choice.

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