One of the things many brides often forget about until the last minute is bridal lingerie. The dress is the most important feature of your wedding, but in order for your dress to fit just right, and for you to be comfortable on your big day; you must choose the right undergarments.

Bridal Undergarments. Tips to buy bridal undergarments

Choose you dress first

When you get your dress and you know its design, fabric it’s made of, its color and style it saves you from mindlessly wandering among lingerie shelves not knowing what to choose and what lingerie set to prefer. Ask for an opinion if you have problems with deciding.

Research a lot

The key of finding the perfect undergarments is to do a very detailed research. You can begin searching the internet for styles of lingerie that you and your husband to be will appreciate!

Meet your needs

Some people just want to look sexy. Others have specific needs, like accentuation of the bust, slenderizing hips or thighs, slimming down the midsection, etc. Make a list of points you would like to improve and possible suggestions, like shape wear, corsets, etc.

Think about comfort

A tightly laced, steel-boned corset may not be the most appropriate choice for an informal beach wedding where everyone’s wearing flip-flops. Similarly, you may not want to wear a simple chemise under a fully boned satin-and-tulle confection.

Try different things

You may like the sleek look of a corset, but love the way a bustier lifts and separates your bust line. Take into account bras, panties, corsets, bustier, baby dolls, chemises, robes and dressing gowns, stockings, hosiery, gloves, shoes, etc.

Appropriate color

White is traditional and very flattering on many women. Surely your husband to be will love it. If you opt for more colorful lingerie, make sure it does not affect the look of your wedding dress.

Purchase your items

Ask about the store’s return policy. See if they offer any special services for bridal purchases. Make sure everything is appropriately sized and comfortable. If needed get alterations!

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