It is known that the function of the bridesmaid is to contrast with the bride’s gown in such a way that it makes the brides dress stand-out even more than it does on its own. A bridesmaids dress is a bridge to truly compliment the bride’s gown in an elegant and eloquent manner.

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Budget. You have to decide how much money you can afford and then search for the item you are looking for. The cost of the bridesmaid dresses depend on how many bridesmaids you have. If you have just one bridesmaid you will afford to spend more money for her dress, if you have more bridesmaids, you need to look for more inexpensive dresses.

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When to buy. Start shopping for bridesmaids’ dresses several months in advance of the wedding. If the dresses will be ordered, you must allow time for them to be received and also time for alterations. Have bridesmaids provide their measurements before you order, especially if they live too far away to be able to try the dresses on in advance. There will need to be a fitting for each attendant after the dresses arrive. If a bridesmaid lives far away, she may need to find a seamstress in her area that can alter the dress if necessary.

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Theme. The bridesmaid dresses should also match with the theme of your wedding. They should go with your wedding decorations and should not look aloof. Flashy gowns for bridesmaids during traditional weddings will not be fair on your part. Only you know what the theme of your wedding is and you have to choose the dress for your bridesmaids matching your theme.

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Style. Bridesmaids’ dresses come in a variety of styles such as fitted sheaths, A-line styles, empire waist dresses and two-piece skirt and top styles. The attendants’ attire is usually kept relatively simple so as not to detract from the bridal gown. Solid colors are the norm but two-tone dresses are often chosen as are floral patterns, especially in spring.

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Formality of the wedding. The level of formality will also differ between a morning or mid-afternoon wedding and an evening wedding. An evening wedding is less formal than daytime wedding. So, if your wedding is held at night, you can choose short, casual, and elegant bridesmaids dress for your bridesmaids. When you plan to have a wedding during day time, you should choose long, formal, and elegant bridesmaid gowns.

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Same color different style. If you’re choosing the option of same color different cut for your bridesmaid dresses, find styles that you think will fit your bridesmaids in the most flattering ways. Waist clinching dresses are best for any body types, and necklines are more of a preference, so give them a few different options.

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Same style different color. If you prefer to choose the style of the dress, let them choose from a few colors that you feel will look best. Make sure you choose a style that works with every body type so that no one is feeling uncomfortable at your wedding.

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Same color same style. While you can choose any color of bridesmaid dresses, make sure that the colors compliment your wedding attire. They should also suit the dress color of your groom. Look for colors you like and think would look good on all of your friends (consider their complexions and hair colors). Brighter colors are generally more flattering, while pastel hues might look great on girls with fair complexions, but can be too distracting on friends with a darker complexion.

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Fabric. Don’t forget to think about fabric when you choose your dresses! If you’re having a summer wedding you need a lighter fabric and the opposite for an autumn or winter wedding. Remember too that the choice of fabric teamed with the style and color can shed or add pounds to your bridesmaids so choose carefully.

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Design. Flattering designs will be great if you can afford them. You need not go for much complicated designs; rather simple gowns are preferred by bridesmaids.

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Length. Whatever location you may choose, look for gowns that are non-creasy. If you have opted for beach weddings, you surely don’t want long gowns for your bridesmaids as they will become dirty soon. Even for outdoor weddings, short gowns will be very comfortable. For indoor weddings, you can choose long gowns for bridesmaids.

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Size. We all know that not all the bridesmaids have size 1 or 2 for their clothes. When deciding on the bridesmaids dresses make sure that the style and color will bring a compliment even to a person that has to wear a large size dress.

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Weather. If the weather will be warm, stay away from thick, heavy fabrics such as velvet or thick satin for comfort’s sake. Light satins, shantung silks and chiffons work well in summer. For a cool evening wedding, if the dresses are particularly bare, consider a matching shawl for your attendants. Remember that if your attendants are happy, the whole affair will go more smoothly and be more relaxed and enjoyable for everyone.

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Age. The age of the bridesmaids is an important factor for choosing bridesmaid dress. You cannot buy strapless sexy gowns for middle-aged bridesmaids. Junior bridesmaids should also be presented with a dress and you have to choose the style that fits their age.


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