Although it seems to be an easy task, choosing the bridesmaids implies some issues that need thinking about  There are brides who know exactly who they are going to choose to be their bridesmaids, from the moment they got engaged, but there are also brides who have too many close friends and family and obligations to be able to make such an important decision in a short time.

How to choose your wedding bridesmaids

The most common question is how many bridesmaids you should choose. While etiquette books suggest one usher per 50 guests, protocol surrounding the number of bridesmaids is fuzzier, 12, however, is the limit. The more bridesmaids you choose, the harder it will be for you to make some important decisions (about the dresses, the date, the venue, etc.) because you will have to consider the opinion of all your bridesmaids.

Before actually choosing your bridesmaids, think about the responsibilities that come with the job and make sure that all the  people you have in mind can make time to do their job. The maid of honor has to plan the bridal shower, has to help the bride to choose her gown and address the invitations.

Also keep in mind that, usually, the bridesmaids pay for their own dresses and travel expenses, so if you have a friend that has money problems be sensitive to her problem and let her know that you would love to have her be a part of your day, but that you understand if it isn’t possible.

If you are close to your sister and your sister in low, they should be the first persons you ask to be your bridesmaids, even if asking them ranks right up there with having a football hit you in the nose. If your sister and a friend that you would like to choose to be one of your bridesmaids do not exactly get along, asking both to be bridesmaids may prove awkward, they probably won’t manage to keep their conflicts away, not even on your wedding day.

If you are a single child, and your best friend is a boy, you can choose him to be your maid of honor. Today, many couples are including members of the opposite sex to stand by them. In these cases, a man on the bride’s side is simply called an attendant or brides-man, while a woman on the groom’s side can be called a grooms-woman.

Once you choose someone to be your bridesmaids, that invitation should be concrete, with the exception of extreme circumstances. Pick only the friends and family whose relationships you know can last the test of time.

Regarding bridesmaids I will have a hard decision to make. I don’t think I’ll choose my sister, because she doesn’t like this kind of things. I do, however, have four best friends, and it will be very hard to choose between them, because I only plan to have two bridesmaids. I can’t tell you which one I’ll choose; maybe I’ll ask all four of them.

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