Wedding cake toppers boasts a long history. The legend has it that the wedding cake topper was first used over 100 years ago when the daughter of a baker was getting married. The bride requested her father to make some symbol of the love between her and her would-be husband that everyone could see. At the end, the baker settled with two figurines on top of the wedding cake that symbolizes the bride and the groom. Of course no one really knows if it is a true story or if this is the beginning of the cake toppers tradition.

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Budget. Be sure to have time to find the best deals as far as wedding cake toppers are concern. Choose the toppers that fits to your budget and at the same time can make you love your toppers today and even after many years while you are reminiscing your wedding.

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Theme. Consider your wedding theme in choosing your topper. You topper, as well as your wedding cake, should complement the wedding decorations too. If you choose a garden wedding, a flower-decorated topper would look really nice.

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Design. Designs may also be matched to the venue for the wedding party, e.g. for a seaside wedding party you may use a wedding cake topper with model starfish and shellfish, or a husband and wife standing barefoot on the seaside.

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Style. Making the best choice of wedding cake topper is largely a matter of having it match the style of wedding party you have chosen. Traditional styles match more conventional wedding party styles, and themed weddings should preferably have designs which correspond with the theme. More casual weddings could make use of the funny styles, but there are no rigid guidelines and you can pick whatever you wish.

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Be creative. Always choose a cake topper that reflects both you and your partner’s feelings. Consider the things you like doing together, the time of the year that you met or an unusual circumstance that you two bump into. Never be too pressured to follow traditional cake toppers. Make sure you tap into your creativity and consider other options available. Funny wedding cake toppers are pretty popular.

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