Before popping the big question, one often finds himself in a tight spot: choosing the perfect engagement ring for his future lifetime partner. For years, engagement rings have served as symbols of undying love and commitment. Seeing the one you love drop down on one knee with a sparkling diamond ring in hand may seem old-fashioned to some but nevertheless romantic. Whichever way you plan to propose, it is important that you express your true intentions to the one you love with custom jewelry you’ve personally designed.

These days, though, many couples are opting to shop together in search of the ideal engagement ring the both of them will love. Partners are also more discerning now and would want engagement rings to hold a special significance, perhaps a reminder of an unforgettable event they experienced together.

Keeping it Unique and Personal

For couples who decide to have their engagement rings personalized, there are some things you need to keep in mind. Prior to selecting your diamond of choice as you design your own engagement ring, decide on the ring setting first. There are various types of settings (from classic solitaire, antique, modern, pave, tension to side-stone) the options are plenty and will depend on your budget and creativity.

Defining the Four Cs of Diamonds

When personalizing engagement rings, you’ll be faced with many choices of stunning diamonds.  Be a smart customer and improve your diamond vocabulary by remembering the Four Cs: Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat.

  • Cut–the most important aspect of the four Cs, it refers to the angles of the facets of the stone. Cut determines the diamond’s shape and brilliance. Diamonds also come in various shapes like round, princess, pearl, marquise, emerald, cushion and a lot more.
  • Color–the diamond’s colors are visible to the naked eye and can go from colorless to light yellow. They may appear colorless but have at least a hint of body color.
  • Clarity– defines how clear and free of imperfections the diamond is. If the stone has blemishes and inclusions, it can detract from the beauty of the diamond.
  • Carat–refers to the size of the diamond. Diamonds are measured in carats, a unit of measurement equal to 200 milligrams. Carat weight is the easiest of the Four Cs for gemologists to determine through state-of-the-art measuring equipment.

Selecting your Metal

Now that you’ve brushed up on diamond terminology, it’s time to select the metal for your custom jewelry. Engagement ring bands can be in a variety of metals, including gold, platinum, palladium and titanium.

Yellow gold is still the most popular choice since these metal bands are readily available in 14K or 18K. But more and more couples now prefer white gold or palladium to set off the stone better and to easily match other jewelry as well.

Custom Jewelry or off the Shelf?

From simple to elaborate, it’s really not that difficult to design your own engagement ring. Customizing has a lot of benefits like having the freedom to choose the style you want that’s within your budget. You can even combine gemstones, each stone representing an important aspect in your life. Rings that are bought off the shelves or mass produced do not give you this option. The size of the ring is custom-fit as well, preventing ring slip-offs or tight squeezes especially when proposing on the big day.

Let your engagement ring tell your love story by personalizing it. No one else will have the same ring as your loved one. A ready “Yes” as you ask the question is proof that both of you share a love that’s for keeps–just like your lovely personalized engagement ring.

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  1. Kenia Hurne says:

    You need have no serious worries about the lasting quality of sterling silver rings and if they are worn on a regular basis tarnishing is really no problem. My greater concern is with your choice of stone for the ring. If you intend to wear the ring all the time peridot is really not a good stone for an engagement ring as it is relatively soft (by gemstone standards) and will scratch and the surface will grow dull with the years of hard wear it will be given I am always an optimist about engagement rings. Peridot is also prone to chipping if it gets a knock. If you can accept another stone of similar colour (for example a green sapphire would be perfect as their hardness is only exceeded by that of diamond) would be your best bet. It is also possible to buy diamonds which have been treated to turn them green.Good luck with your hunt.

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