Most couples may have an easy time with choosing their unique first dance song. They will have “their”  unique song already in place. It is usually a song that was special to them during the relationship or one that stuck a cord with them leading up to the wedding. Other couples may find it hard to choose a song for their first dance. In this case they could choose from all the popular songs that fit the theme of their wedding, or perhaps a lighthearted tune that mirrors their personalities and will make their wedding guests chuckle.

Tips to Choose Your First Dance Song

When you hear the song that you shared your bridal dance too, your memories will return to that special night when you took to the floor and danced as first time as husband and wife to that special song. So make sure that the song you choose is musically beautiful, lyrically suited, unique and individual. Your first dance wedding song must have a nice melody, lyrics that are meaningful to you and your relationship,  must reflect your love for each other and must be unique to you and your relationships.

There is no special tradition about the first song, so you can choose any kind of song. You can think about the popular romantic songs, upbeat love songs, power ballade songs,  classic songs to even rock ballades. You just have to make sure it is unique for you and fits your wedding style.

If you are having a band singing at your wedding reception, make sure that the band knows the song you chose to have your first dance. Tell them in advance the name and the author, so they can practice before your wedding day. You don’t want to risk an embarrassment. If you are having a DJ, you should give him a CD with the chosen song with a few days earlier, so he can test it and make sure that it will work on your wedding day. You want to think about all the details to make sure that your song plays perfectly and that your first dance will be a real success.

Timing is a very important and popular matter regarding your first dance. As with every aspect of wedding planning, in this matter, it’s a good idea to think carefully about when the first dance best fits in to your wedding, rather than adding it as an afterthought. There are cultures that say that the first dance is taking place after all the wedding guests arrived, and they eat the appetizers, but there are also cultures that prefer to have the first dance right after all the guests arrived. You should also make sure that there is an announcement just before the dance so that guests won’t miss out or chat throughout the whole thing.

The first dance that the bride and the groom have in their wedding day it is not all about the song it is also about the dance itself. That’s way it is a really good idea to take some dance lessons before your wedding to ensure a unique choreography. This way a dance teacher can teach you not just some moves but an entire choreography and you will impress all your guests by doing something original.

In my country, the first dance for the bride and the groom is usually on a popular waltz song. It is classic and relatively easy to learn. However, for my wedding I am thinking more of a rock ballade, as our  first dance song. It may sound strange, but I know this song that a band called Nightwish has, Sleeping Sun, a song that I love and I believe it would be perfect and unique for my wedding.

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