If you are self-conscious about your appearance on your wedding day, choosing the right wedding bouquet style and design can enhance the way you look and probably hide some figure imperfections.

Unique Bridal Bouquets

Wedding bouquets come in tree basic designs: posy bouquet, shower bouquet and sheath bouquet. The posy wedding bouquet has a traditional round shape, giving a simple, unique and elegant look; it suits flowers such as roses, tulips, rununculus and peonies. The shower wedding bouquet has a traditional teardrop design, consisting of a posy with a trail of flowers and foliage. The sheath wedding bouquet is long slender bouquet designed to be carried over one arm; its design is best suited to long stem flowers such as calla lilies or arum lilies. If you are a bride who wants to make a statement you can make your own unique  bridal bouquet, without following any design or shape.

Besides the color of the flowers, there are all kinds of other details you need to think about when choosing your unique  and simple wedding bouquet: your wedding gown style, your body size and the look you want to have. For those of you who are tall and slender persons, you should consider a cascade bouquet or a hand-tied bridal bouquet. If you choose a round bouquet, you may realize that it makes you look even taller. Add a pair of wedding heels, and suddenly you’ll look tall indeed! A bride-to-be with generous hips should choose a cascading or hand-tied bouquet design, but not a round bouquet. A round bouquet will emphasize the hips. If you have a petite body, choose a round bouquet. The size of the round bouquet will balance your body and you’ll look your best on your wedding day.

If you like a garden look or a casual look, no other wedding bouquet design will do  but the hand-tied bouquet. The hand-tied bouquet’s casual flowers will look like you handpicked them fresh from the garden. You’ll look all natural and unaffected carrying a hand-tied unique wedding bouquet.

Round and cascade bouquet design suite for all styles of wedding gowns, from princes line dress, sheath dress, a line dress, mermaid line dress or empire dress. But, there are some wedding gown styles that go just with some wedding bouquets. For example, if you have a princess line dress you shouldn’t choose a cascade bouquet design. Having a full skirt, an unique bridal bouquet with volume is suitable for this style of wedding dress.

I decided that gladiolas would be the flowers for my wedding. Considering the shape of these flowers and that I am a tall and slender person I am thinking of having a hand tied bouquet design. I am also considering a sheath shape for my wedding gown, so I think that the bridal  bouquet would be unique and will suit it perfect. gladiola

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