So you are planning your wedding and you need something out of the ordinary to make all your friends envy you? I have the right idea for you: include a hot air balloon in your wedding. Whether you choose to have your wedding in a hot air balloon, or you just want to make your entrance at the wedding in a hot air balloon, or you just want to leave the wedding on a hot air balloon, this is the perfect way to show all your guests that you know how to make your day special.

hot air balloon wedding

If you choose to have the ceremony in a hot air balloon there are a few option for you. You can hold an intimate wedding ceremony in a basket to accommodate the bride, groom, best man, maid of honor, photographer and parents. Decorate the basket with flowers and white twinkle lights. Or, if the law allows you, you can hold an intimate ceremony, with only the bride and groom, and the officiant, and have the wedding party follow the balloon on their cars, so they can be there when the balloon lands and greet the newly married couple.

hor air balloon wedding

If you chose to have your wedding ceremony on an open air location, you could make your entrance on a hot air balloon. You can have the groom wait for the bride at the altar, and the bride and her father can come by the balloon, while bridal march is singing.

hot air balloon wedding

If your honey moon destination isn’t very far away from your wedding venue location, you can choose to travel by a hot air balloon after the ceremony. You had the wedding ceremony, you had the wedding party, you threw your wedding bouquet; the stress is gone and now you can enjoy a ride on a hot air balloon.

hot air balloon wedding

If you want to take it to the extreme, you can choose the hot air balloon as you wedding theme, and have your decoration fallow the theme. Starting with your wedding invitation, and ending with your table centerpieces, you can make sure that all the details have a hot air balloon included in the design.

hot air balloon theme

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