Wedding balloons custom printed add that extra special something to the most important day of your life. Personalized printed balloons not only that make your wedding day special, but they also give a spicy touch to your wedding. Balloons printed with personal messages, special date, monograms or photos make your big day special and personalized.

Printed Wedding Balloons

Printed names and wedding date

Having your names and your wedding date printed on each and every detail of your wedding in a very popular trend nowadays. You can find in it on napkins, favors, ribbons, place card holders and not the least on wedding balloons. Printing your names and wedding date on your wedding balloons makes your event personalized and elegant at the same time.

printed names wedding balloons

Printed names wedding balloons (source:

Printed monograms

Printed monograms are also common for wedding balloons. If you think that printing your entire names on your wedding balloons is a little too much for your taste, you can choose to print only a monogram of your names and wedding date. This way you ensure an elegant but personalized look for your wedding balloons.

printed monogram wedding balloons

Printed monogram wedding balloons (source:

Printed pictures

Printing a picture with the two of you on your wedding balloons is the ultimate trend when talking about personalized wedding balloons. Choose a picture that represents the best you as a couple and have it printed on your wedding balloons. To make sure it is not too much you can print only the balloons you use as centerpieces, while the other ones have only a monogram printed.

printed picture wedding balloon

Printed picture wedding balloons (source: )

Printed text

There are many couples that have a favorite saying, or some favorite lyrics, or even some favorite parts of wedding vows. Having these words printed on your wedding balloons is another way to personalize your wedding. On the other hand, if you want to make your wedding guest welcome, you could have a message dedicated to them printed on your wedding balloons.

printed text wedding balloons

Printed text wedding balloons (source:

Themed printing

If you are one of those couples who don’t want to be out of the ordinary, but still would like to add a personal touch to their wedding balloons you could choose to have them printed with an image relevant to your wedding theme. For example for a valentine’s day themed wedding you could print love on your wedding balloons, or a country landscape.

themed printing wedding balloons

themed printing wedding balloons (source: )

Seasonal printing

Choosing seasonal design for wedding details is also very popular nowadays for wedding. You can have anything seasonal, starting with wedding favors, and ending with wedding dress. Wedding balloons do not make an exception. For a fall themed wedding you could have your wedding balloons printed with a gold leaf, or a pumpkin.

seasonal printing wedding balloons

Seasonal printing wedding balloons (source: )

Printed celebrity couple

I am sure that most of you have a famous couple that you identify with or you just like. If you are an incurable romantic you could have your wedding balloons printed with a picture of that famous couple. For instance, my favorite couple is Romeo and Juliet, and I also like the Mikey and Minnie Mouse couple.

printed famous couple wedding balloons

Printed famous couple wedding balloons (source:

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