Each bride dreams about her wedding day and about how perfect everything is going to be in her special day. But in order to make the big day even more special than it already is most of the brides choose to personalize as many details of the wedding as they can.

Invitations. Designing your own invitations is a great way to show your guests who you are as a couple. You can use words from your job to compose the text on your invitations, or you can have a caricature with you and your future husband on the invitation. You can have them in a shape, size or color that has special meaning to you as a couple.

personalized wedding invitations

Flowers. No one says that you have to actually have flowers on your wedding day, or that your bouquet should contain flowers. If a nosegay made of Christmas ornaments or salvaged metal is more “you,” that is what you should have on your wedding day.

personalized wedding flowers

Wedding Gown. Most of the brides know how their dress will look like since they were children. If you want to give your dress a special meaning, choose to wear the gown your mother wore on her wedding day. If you are more of a short dress person, by all means you should have a short wedding gown.

personalized wedding gown

Ceremony. If you are not a religious couple than you shouldn’t exchange vows in a church. You can say “I do” in a restaurant, on a beach, in a plane, on a yacht, in a park, or anywhere where you feel it is special for you and for your love story.

personalized wedding ceremony

Vows. Think about writing your own vows. It can be hard for some couples, but in the end, everyone has something beautiful to say about their beloved, and about all they have been through.

personalized wedding vows

Table decorations. Brand your wedding with a logo or monogrammed initials that show up on everything that you use to decorate your tables, starting with plates and napkins and ending with the centerpieces.

personalized wedding decorations

Color. When you choose your wedding colors, think about what color represent you as a couple. If you are couple full of energy choose blue or green, if you are a romantic, choose pink or purple.

personalized wedding color

Theme. If you and your sweetheart share the same occupation, make that your wedding theme. If you are software engineers, you could have your ring pillow designed as a computer.

personalized wedding theme

Cake. Chose the flavor that says the most about you and your husband, or about the way you met. If you had ice-cream for your first date, you could have an ice-cream cake. The shape and the decorations should also represent you. If you are a sports fan, make your cake look like a stadium.

personalized wedding cake

Food and drinks. We can get extremely personal with your wedding food and drinks. For example, if you met in a Chinese restaurant, you can serve Chinese food at your wedding; you can choose to serve wine from the year each of you was born, or vintages from the year you met.

personalized wedding meals

Music. If you use to sing in a band when you were in high school or in college, by all means you have to sing a song at your wedding. You could create a song that tells your love story. If you enjoy a certain style of music, you have to have it played at your wedding at least for a few minutes.

personalized wedding music

Favors. Rent a photo booth to get great snapshots of all your guests. Put the pictures in a special scrapbook or give them as favors. Or print each of your guest initials on each favor, making them feel special.

personalized wedding favors

Guest book. No one says your guestbook should be an actual book. If you and your honey like to ride the waves, prop up a surfboard and let guests scribble away. If you enjoy good food, choose a plate.

personalized wedding guest book

Transportation. Choose your getaway vehicle to complement your personalities and the overall theme and mood of the wedding. I have seen couples leaving the party on a horse, or on a bike, or even in a helicopter. Whatever makes you feel comfortable should, go for it.

personalized wedding transportation

Bridesmaids. If your best friend is a man that shouldn’t stop you from having him being your maid of honor. Stray from the traditional bridesmaids’ bouquets. For a tropical wedding, give your girls fragrant floral leis; for a garden wedding, have them carry fancy paper parasols. Have them wear same style of a dress but in different colors.

personalized wedding bridesmaids

The Bearer. No one says that your bearer has to be a little boy or girl. If you have a dog that you both love and that can be trained, make it bring your rings to the altar.

personalized wedding bearer

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