For the two people who are in love, marriage is supposed to be a loving contract between two people who want to spend the rest of their lives together. But marriage implies another contract, about a variety of financial rights and obligations: the wedding prenuptial agreement.

Having a wedding prenuptial agreement does not mean that a couple is anticipating divorce; it means only that financial matters need to be faced. Prenuptial agreements are not only for wealthy people, they are for ordinary people too.

A prenuptial agreement is not useful only if the relationship breaks down, it can be especially helpful if you have children from a previous marriage or have family heirlooms that you want to keep in the family. Not only men want a prenuptial agreement, there are lots of women, who decided to be a stay home wife and want a prenuptial agreement that includes provisions to compensate her for this interruption in her career through spousal support.

If you intend to make a prenuptial agreement before you get married, you have to let your future wife/husbands know as early as possible. It is a very touchy subject, but the mention of a prenuptial agreement shouldn’t come as a surprise if you and your partner have been opened with each other, as the relationship became serious. Specialists recommend this discussion to take place even before the engagement. The discussion must be honest one. The one who asks for a prenuptial agreement must explain calmly why he/she considers it necessary, and the one who is being asked should appreciate the others concerns.

After agreeing on the necessity of the prenuptial agreement, the couple should sit down and reach out an agreement about what they want to include in this document. You should draw up a list assets and talk about it before you hire a lawyer. To help ensure an enforceable agreement, both parties need their own lawyer.

I don’t think we will need a prenuptial agreement before we get married. We both plan to have a career, so we will both make money. None of us is bringing anything special in this marriage; we are building our married life together. I really don’t think that we should think about the possibility of a divorce, and even if we were, everything will be shared fairly and everything will be settled with the help of divorce lawyers.

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