If you are one of the people who like old-world style, or who simply appreciate vintage things, choosing a vintage cake topper for your wedding cake is a very nice way to share this passion. Although vintage cake toppers are very romantic and elegant they do not come in a large variety. In this article we will talk about the style of vintage cake toppers.

Styles for vintage cake toppers

Vintage bride and groom cake topper

The most important difference between a vintage bride and groom cake topper and a modern bride and groom topper is their attire. Vintage cake toppers present the bride and the groom in traditional attire. The wedding dress may be made in an old fashion style, or even handmade, while the groom looks more like a lord. The material that the vintage cake toppers are made of varies from wood to ivory or to porcelain. All of these materials are meticulously carved and shaped till they become this amazingly elegant vintage cake toppers. Online baking and pastry schools should also be able to teach you how to make a vintage edible wedding cake toppers sculpted to look like the bride and groom.

Vintage bride and groom cake topper

Vintage bride and groom cake topper (source: http://www.brides.com/)

Vintage doves or love birds cake topper

Doves and love birds are very popular when we talk about weddings, as they symbolize a celebration, new beginnings, peace, love and serenity. While some couples prefer to have real doves released on their wedding day, other couples prefer to just have them included in their wedding as decorations. Vintage doves or love birds cake toppers can be one of these decorations. The doves are usually made of white ivory or porcelain, and they are usually very close to each other to symbolize love and union. This style of vintage cake topper is perfect for those couple who want to keep the vintage style but want something different than a bride and groom cake topper.

Vintage dove cake topper

Vintage dove cake topper (source: http://laptopbrides.blogspot.com)

Vintage floral cake topper

Having a small bouquet (made most of the times of artificial flowers) on your wedding cake is another popular style of vintage cake toppers. The bouquet is custom made to match your wishes and your wedding style. No matter if you are having a mini-bouquet made of roses, lilies, tulips, peonies or any other flowers, this vintage cake topper is ideal for elegant and chic wedding.

Vintage floral cake topper

Vintage floral cake topper (source: http://www.mywedding.com/)

Vintage handmade cake topper

Most of the time the word “vintage” makes us think about old things, but vintage can also mean rustic. This is how a new trend developed: vintage handmade cake toppers. These vintage cake toppers are usually made of wood and represent little animals that people grow in farms like chickens or bunnies, or little geese. This style of vintage cake topper is very popular for farm themed weddings where most of the details are handmade or green.

Vintage handmade cake topper

Vintage handmade cake topper (source: http://stjudescreations.blogspot.com/)

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