Wedding garter belts are regarded by many brides as an essential wedding accessory. Garter belts were originally used to hold up stockings. Often brides choose a blue garter belt to represent “something blue”. In biblical times the color blue represented purity and this maybe the reason for wearing blue on your wedding day. The garter is traditionally worn on the right leg. Some brides choose to wear two, one to keep and one to toss. The tradition of the garter toss was revived in the 20th century after the tradition was taken over by the throwing of the bouquet.

How to Choose Your Wedding Garter Belt

Garter Belt Types

Choosing a garter belt for a modern wedding can be daunting. Select a traditional blue garter, one with charms, ribbons or lace. The stretch cloth garter belts are also available with custom embroidery for the bride’s initials. Some brides choose to pin items of good luck on the garter belt, such as a love note from the groom or a flower petal from the groom’s boutonniere.

blue bridal garter

Match your dress

The fit of your dress will play an important role in determining an appropriate wedding garter belt, because you don’t want it to interrupt the line of your dress on the outside. If you are wearing  a full princess style gown you should be able to choose any garter belt you like from Princessly, but brides wearing fitted sheath, mermaid, bias cut, or siren style dresses may find that a frilly bridal garter belt will create an unsightly line.

Match your wedding lingerie

Your wedding garter belt forms part of your lingerie look, so it is a good idea to make sure that it will compliment the other items you will be wearing. Think about color, fabric and texture. It doesn’t need to be an exact match to your other items, but should tone in nicely.

match lingerie

Tossing it or keeping it?

When it comes to how much money you should spend, it is worthwhile considering whether you intend on taking part in the bridal garter belt toss tradition or not. This is the male equivalent to the bouquet toss. The groom removes the brides garter belt and throws it towards the single male wedding guests. If you want to lash out on an expensive bridal garter, because you intend to keep it, make sure you discuss this with your husband to be. If he wants to participate in the toss, you could look for a two piece set that allows a smaller less decorated style for tossing.

tossing bridal garter

Tradition regarding bridal garter belt

A wedding garter belt alone is supposed to bring good luck, but it also provides the perfect opportunity to fulfill a tradition or two in an understated way. A wedding garter belt can become your something old, something new, something borrowed, or something blue. At one point in time the wedding garter belt was commonly passed down to be the something old. A bridal garter  belt can work well as the something borrowed. The something blue tradition originally related to fidelity, so what better location to proclaim this.

tradition bridal garter

Personalized garter

If you select a personalized wedding garter belt you will forever have a keepsake from your wedding day. When selecting a garter that is personalized you can usually select from many thread options which will be another way to add some color.

personalized bridal garter

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