When you’re trying to find ideas about how to choose unique wedding invitations there are three places you have to look. You can search on the Internet, you can go to a store and pick one, or you can make it yourself. Ideal it would be for you to use your skills and make a first class wedding  invitation that would impress all your guests.

Wedding Invitation Tips

Besides the  invitation design, there are some other things you need to know before ordering them. First, aim to order your first class wedding invitations when your wedding guest list is final, about three to four months before the event. You should consider ordering at least 25 more invitations and envelopes than you think you will need, to cover mistakes in addressing, re-mailing to a current address, to cover last-minute “must haves”.

There are many styles for a wedding invitation, so before you settle upon one, make sure it allows you to fit all the information about your wedding on it.  The invitation must provide your guests with all the information they’ll need: names of wedding hosts/sponsors (usually parents), names of bride and groom, day of the week, date, time, address of the ceremony and/or reception, and RSVP info (unless you’re including response cards). Also make sure that you invitation spell out all the details, including the date and time of the wedding. For example, the invite should read Six o’clock in the evening not 6:00 p.m.

Prices depend on the kind of invites you choose, where you order them, the ink, the typeface, the printing process, and, of course, how many you need. You’ll spend anywhere from $1 to $50 per invitation. If you are on the budget, you should try to keep it simple, use response postcards instead of cards and mini-addressed envelopes, or set up a toll-free number for guests to call.

It is elegant to hand write all your guest’s addresses instead of printing them. If you writing is not that good you should ask a friend, or a family member or hire a calligrapher to write it for you, as you want to make sure your wedding invitations are first class. Also make sure to inquire about written errors and check your address list twice before your invitations go to print. When you order your invitations, see if you can take the envelopes home immediately so that you can start addressing them while the invites are at the printer.

Before mailing the invitations you should go to a post office and weigh a complete invitation so you know exactly how much postage to put on each one. You can’t risk having your invitations return because of insufficient postage, because that can throw your wedding-planning schedule for quite a loop! You should also ask the post office to hand cancel each one of your delicately crafted invites to keep it in tip-top shape.

If you’ve ordered “thank you” notes for your wedding gifts, with the names of the bride and groom, you can write, seal and stamp the thank you note as the gift is received, but do not send out before the actual marriage ceremony is performed. Lastly, don’t forget to order your reception place cards and wedding place card holders for all of your guests who return the response card.

Although I don’t have any artistic skills I have in mind some styles for my wedding invitations, styles that  would make my wedding invitations personalized. I’m sure that by that time I’ll think of some unique wedding invitations ideas, that are relevant for me and my boyfriend and our relationship. What I do know is that I want it to have something green on it. Besides the design, in my country there is a tradition regarding wedding invitations: it must contain a text, written by the grooms or taken from a book or poetry, in which you present your intention of getting married. I would post an example, but I don’t think that the translation would express the exact meaning of the text. Anyway, as soon as I have the design for my invitations, I’ll post it here, so you can see it.

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